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Trey Gowdy: Big Tech issue has managed to unite both political parties

‘Special Report’ All-Star panel reacts to Big Tech censorship and Biden’s call with Russia. #FoxNews

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  • K George

    Vladimir Putin knows Joe Biden will do nothing I mean Joe Biden just shut down our pipeline and gave Latimer Putin the OK to finish his Russia is not afraid of us whatsoever and Joe Biden is probably in their pocket I wonder how much Hunter Biden got paid for Joe Biden to give Russia be OK on their own pipeline pipeline

  • K George

    They cheated and put Joe Biden in office because all the other corrupt people in office can get away with whatever they want and Joe Biden will get blamed for it and he’ll probably just say what did I do that

  • J/G

    WARN PUTIN….?!?!
    BIG FAIL FOX! Playing right into left's partnership with China.
    There's no coming together of the parties against big tech…ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!
    This segment sucked and I'm so disappointed with the two on the right of my screen.


    People, I hate to tell you that you're preaching to the choir here on fox. You need to get on cnn and all other lying left networks and tell these brainwashed people the facts and where they can see the truth for themselves. Email all members of congress with the number of times that you've been censored and by which networks. Make your voice heard.

  • From the tiny desk of Donald J. Trump

    It is finally time to concede the 2020 election to Sleepy Joe Biden. We did what we could, we fought, but it was not to be. It is time to move on.


    Trey is one of the smartest people in American Politics. He never sounds so partisan like most US politicians! I love to listen to his perspectives.

  • C A

    👁👁 George Fu Gao. He is director of Chinese CDC….. was at event 201 ( must watch segment 4 at the least ) Then look at what he told Robert Redfield on human to human tranfer. Gao in an interview said this was never discussed??? Really???… Robert says Gao said human to human was not happening??? Whom is lying??? Then he said george broke down a week later and said we are too late? They refused a 22 person team from our CDC? Whom is telling the truth? Why did they no freeze all flights from Wuhan and that province? But they quarantined it like you would have never believed. Incinerators? Hospitals? What was going on there? Why no transparency. I saw that Gao even said they provided sequencing to Pfizer? And the others? I hope they dis not just rely on the Chinese provided sequencing? Could intentionally give the wrong data to us if so. There was a scientist who emailed Fauci and said does not look like natural origin by what he saw in sequence analysis. Fauci then scrambles around as they funded lab. Calls an important meeting of course an in person… then the story changes… and tune of that same scientist? Hmm what changes it? Gao studied envelope protein virus's and molecular biology …… hmm? Yeah. Something is not adding up with George and I want the diggers and the digital soldiers, and investigative journalists to find out truth!

  • Laszlo Gaspar

    Did you say "unite" ? hahahahahahahahaha You need no parties or governments humans! Wake up! Govern yourselves! Grow up!

  • Frisko Jack

    I thought republicans were against government intervention of the free markets and are in favor of tax cuts for the ultra wealthy because they create jobs 😂😂

  • Jon Mac

    Please explain While Trump has been vaccinated — and has said he thinks others should get vaccinated too, many sheep resist getting vaccinated ?

  • Christian Conservative

    Biden: heres this list. Don't hack these things. (Starts aggressively whispering) hack these things!!

  • kay van

    One of the reasons I can't stand TG is because he is a coward, he surrendered in the middle of a fight.
    The other is because he is an establishment RINO and always has been

  • Chad Eldridge

    Muh censorship. Bet my left nut that half the people complaining about these leftist companies stil use their apps. Quit Facebook in 09, and have never used Twitter, Instagram, tik tok etc. They called me a moron in 2010 for suggesting that we should keep a balance. The same people called me a moron when I urged streamers to move to Microsoft mixer to keep that balance of power. Sadly I was right again an mixer eventually had to shut down because everyone was on twitch. On year later idiots are being banned left and right by that leftist company, because it now has all the power. Now idiots want to cry about how unfair twitch is 🤦‍♂️

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