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Americans in custody after assassination of Haiti president | GMA

More than a dozen suspects, including two American men, are in custody following the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moises.


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  • Mo Alecia

    They probably weren’t even the guys involved. Just easy fall guys. We’re talking about an extremely corrupt an dangerous country. Who hired them and why did they do it ? Story doesn’t make sense.

  • Sarah J.

    The Haitian president was a supporter of American imperialism. The majority of Haitians are rejoicing…. I can assure you.

  • Nono Marcx

    Pour quelle raison assassiné? Ne pas avoir respecté l ordres de vacciner toutes l île ou suite à de sombre foundation qui ce trouve sur l île? ??

  • John Shak

    The IMF has become a powerful and controversial force in the world economy, forcing upon loan seeking nations stiff conditions

  • AngryPatry Pizarro

    James is in millitary boots why that one guy has an army tshirt why are colombians killing a haitian president why is the haitian first lady in the usa getting treatment?????

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