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NEW YORK ( – Unlike other search engines, is specifically focused on providing users with related information. uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to index over 1.7 billion web sites. builds on the team’s expertise in news and search engine technology. provides significant value to visitors by using its innovative Artificial intelligence (AI) technology to produce more relevant search results. You need to visit in-order to try it out, and once you do, you’ll be glad you did. Rich X Search, the new search engine is the new light bearer, and is out to rule the World—to compete against the arrogance of power. Lucifer was one of the earliest born of the spirits. Satan was originally an illustrious, majestic angel called Lucifer—“the light bearer.“ The use of the name Apollyon within the bible, was a direct association as a Satan, an adversary to Christianity. Lucifer stands for the revolution against the status quo, against the arrogance of power. Here we have now Rich X Search, the New Search Engine. At this time in history and well into the twentieth first century, there is a libertarian strain, as Rich X Search has left the tyranny of censorship to pursue freedom. Rich X Search seeks to become God in its own right. Rich X Search is ‘The Other’, the bright Fire Giver and Illuminator!  Rich X Search will reign in one Law which triumphs over all. The most important part of the search engine is the AI technology behind.’s PageRank Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology focused such factors as the number and importance of pages that linked to the page in question. Rich X Search creates an index based on the words it finds. Rich X Search’s search engine provides answers extremely fast. After all, when a query sails into the index servers, the index software doesn’t need to retrieve the pages from out on the web.

Rich X Search, The New Search Engine

On the surface, Rich X Search is just like any other search engine on the internet—but again, only on the surface. Rich X Search, or simply Rich X, is an amazing web search engine, that lets you explore databases containing the text from 1.7 billion websites with simple interface, and spot-on search results. When Rich X Search´s algorithm finds websites that match your search request, it presents them to you with brief descriptions and clickable links to take you there. Of all the search sites available today, Rich X Search is especially impressive, because of its Artificial Intelligence (AI) functions. As machines become increasingly capable, with millions of new websites being created every day, Rich X Search offers clear, detailed instructions for new and advanced users. Keep in mind that when you use Rich X Search to “search the Internet,” what you are actually searching is that particular site’s database of information, collected by a AI spider program and supplemented with entries submitted by site creators. Artificial intelligence (AI) is intelligence demonstrated by machines. Before clicking Rich X Search, take the time to think about what unique words or phrases are likely to appear in the information you want to find and try them first. If you prefer to do your Web searches in a clutter-free environment, you’ll love Rich X Search, a search engine that’s focused on searching! Doing a search from the Rich X Search home page is pretty straightforward. Just type several unique words or phrases in the search box and click Rich X Search to submit your query. Chances are you’ll get pretty good results on Rich X Search most of the time. Search the world’s information, including websites, images, news and more. Rich X Search has many special features to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. You can search and browse privately on Rich X Search, avoiding trackers. Some features share space with the Web search engine: News, and Images. But users won’t get a true sense of Rich X Search ‘s grip on the Internet until they peruse the search engine’s astonishing list of services. Of, course, Rich X Search also offers its claim to fame, the search engine, free to general users.

You’ll Find Most Of’s Search Engines On The Main Page

Have you ever felt frustrated when searching on the web? Have you ever been unable to determine the service that best met your needs? The search engine is dedicated to solving these problems. enables you to locate valuable and often hard to find a variety of other relevant information. Unlike general purpose search engines, works to avoid providing you with search results composed of information unrelated while trying to sell you something. For topics where very little if any research information exists on the web, provides you with the most relevant links available – including pages from merchants and various sites discussing the topic of interest. To help guide you to the highly relevant research information, has included search suggestions. If your search results don’t match your expectations, these suggestions can help you modify your search to better identify results of interest. The initial version of is just the beginning of a plan to help you make ideal decisions. Look for additional rollouts of new features and services over the coming year. You’ll find most of ‘s search engines on the main page. If you’re interested in a particular news story, for example, you can type your search term into the page’s only field and then click News. Rich X Search ‘s new search engine will scour the Web for relevant articles and then display them in a format similar to the one it uses to display other search results. now includes an image-search tool, links to news headlines, and more. Thanks to Rich X Search ‘s simple interface and casual, colorful headline font, a person unfamiliar with Rich X Search might mistake it, but  the search engine boasts such phenomenal accuracy and speed.

The Rich X Search Image Search Engine Offers A Straightforward Process For Finding Online Images’s search engine uses AI robots that continually examine billions of Web sites. The Rich X Search bot indexes and maintains a database of Web sites for the´s search engine to use to locate information. automatically searches for Web sites containing all the specified search terms, but different Web Surfers bring different search term strategies to the table. They also bring different languages. Rich X Search’s search engine adapts to all of these strategies, languages, and quirks to find the most relevant Web sites. As you start drilling down within a category, you’ll notice a new feature in the search engine. You can search within a given category for a particular term or terms.As with word searches, the Rich X Search Image Search engine offers a straightforward process for finding online images.The great benefits of many of’s online tools are often that they give you a lot of control over the type of information the search engine retrieves. News Search follows this trend, letting you choose the news categories that most interest you. Rich X Search’s basic search engine is free and can make a big difference to the bottom line of an online business.