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US troops attacked in Iraq as Iran rises in region (Full show)

A new round of brazen rocket attacks were launched against US forces in Eastern Syria and Iraq. Iran-backed militias in the region are being blamed for the attacks, which have seen an uptick in recent times. Meanwhile, the Islamic State insurgency may be poised to make a comeback. Is the US on the verge of being pushed out of Iraq? (00:15) An Investigative journalist and “Boom Bust” co-host Ben Swann joins Rick Sanchez with the details. He points out that generations of Iraqis have known the US as an only destabilizing force and that we are leaving a “wrecked country” that neighboring Iran is best-positioned to rebuild. (02:37)

Did the FBI help kidnap Princess Latifa Al Maktoum of Dubai and return her to her allegedly abusive father? The famous royal who ran away from her controlling father was placed under house arrest after her recovery, which was made possible by means of geolocation data with which the FBI furnished Dubai, according to reports. RT America’s Faran Fronczak reports. (11:51)

Plus, when NASA’s Cassini spacecraft collected data on the chemical composition of water plumes that erupt from Enceladus, Saturn’s sixth largest moon, it found a surprisingly high amount of methane, a gas often associated with life on Earth. Some were quick to insist this points to the existence of life on Enceladus, but others are more skeptical. RT America’s Trinity Chavez reports for the News with Rick Sanchez. (17″:45)

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  • Dixie Normous

    wow i did not know russians liberated syria . i thought all they did was doing equal collateral damage to syrian infrastructure and isis from air "JUST LIKE U.S DID" . but i guess if you say so then you shall be credited as liberators.

  • naan dhan kadavul

    Don't mess with usa Orelse they will withdraw there troops.. And run to their country.
    – taliban chief. 😂

  • 2 Tears In A Bucket

    The FBI and CIA are above over site and don't have to answer to anyone..theirs your problem right there lol

  • Dot Com

    Perhaps it is time for US to install and arm up a new Saddam that can handle Iran again….. history repete (beeing ironic).

  • William B

    Isis was created by the USA. Iraq was invaded by the USA in their quest for Iraq's oil. At the end of the day, the USA should not illegally invade those country's not their own.
    It's all quite simple, the USA is an oppressive war engaging gorgon. How and why? The Arms and Weapons manufacturing
    corporations lust for higher and higher profits. Hence, to do so is to create wars among other countries.
    Hence America's Military and Industrial complex. a Complex that devours all the USA Annual Revenues.

  • Mark Basham

    You think like a corporate pirate. 1 isis (created by the US) 2 Iran( why would they do this when you are fleeing and leaving Israel all alone) your commentary makes no sense unless you think everyone outside the continental USA is out to get you. Most people have living to do without your interference. So go home yank PLEASE.

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