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New questions about COVID-19 vaccine efficacy against variant, more mask mandates l GMA

Las Vegas has joined Los Angeles in returning to mask mandates in public indoor places as new COVID-19 hotspots pop up across the country.

Why breakthrough COVID-19 infections don’t mean the vaccine isn’t working:


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  • Lucinda Jackson

    When you watch this nonsense, keep in mind that percentages don’t mean a thing. Going from 1 to 2 deaths would be a 100% rise but would pose no danger. Look at the actual numbers. They’re very careful to use percentages because they sound so much scarier. The truth is that cases and especially deaths had dropped to such low numbers that even a very small increase seems large when expressed as a percentage. Again, case in point – an increase from 1 to 2 is a 100% increase…

  • Free Samples

    It is what it is at this point… with any luck all humans will die. That would would be the best thing for this world.

  • Nick

    The focus should be on treatment of severe cases rather than mass vaccination. But that makes too much sense and not enough money.

  • Ilike batsoup

    LOL, how stupid is this? No duh new cases will be from those previously not infected or not vaccinated. Here is another news flash, 100% of drowning victims involved water. F'en tards.

  • thomas

    It does not affect children. Leave them alone. You don't know what is best for our children. You know they don't like shots. Protect them from lightning and Great White Shark attack,, Bigfoot, and falling stars, as there is a greater percentage they will die from these than Covid. Most liberals need to be de-programmed from the brainwashing they have acquired from the terrible Democrat Party form of terrorism for Americans.

  • AncientSeed

    Anyone with a lick of common sense isn’t buying this anymore, and the dislikes prove it. All you’re doing is spreading fear.

  • Ride OrDie

    I have a question. Can we talk about the National Vaccine Injury Compensation program? Billions in compensation each year for vaccines that have had decades of testing. Yet nobody has even heard of it…

  • Stephanie Gormley

    The vaccines lose efficacy when vaccinated people mask up. If you've been vaccinated it's better if you DON'T mask up so you can expose yourself to the virus. I.E a de facto booster shot.

  • Defund-The-Media

    No more masks. The can mandate it but if we refuse to cooperate it wont matter. Remember we are the majority

  • Marcus Whitaker

    400 children have died,yes that's bad but how many have died in car wrecks or from cancer?🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Count Chocula

    A disease so dangerous you have to be tested to even know if you have it; a vaccine so safe you have to be threatened or shamed to take it. Yup, makes sense to me.

  • chris hill

    The only reason why this virus is getting worse because there are people in the US who don't have the brains to take things's seriously during a pandemic.

  • Charles Friscia

    I'm very concerned about covid so im gonna open the borders and let untested and unvaccinated illegals in and drop them in random states..They already passed it to 44 border agents…YOUR WORDS ARE MEANINGLESS BUT YOUR ACTIONS MEAN EVERYTHING..STOP ASKING WHY PEOPLE DON'T TRUST YOU BECAUSE YOUR ACTIONS ARE INCOMPETENT AND DONT MATCH WHAT YOU SAY

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