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FULL SHOW: UK flexes military muscle, plans to deploy warships to counter China

As the US is increasing its military assets in Asia to counter China, another player is following America’s footsteps. The United Kingdom says it will permanently deploy two warships in Asian waters, starting in September. RT America’s Alex Mihailovich has the story (4:52), then former UK MP George Galloway weighs in. (7:45)

A panel of experts led by senior intelligence officers has been meeting to try and figure out the source of the so-called “Havana syndrome”- unexplained health incidents among US personnel stationed overseas. RT America’s John Huddy has the latest. (1:05)

A $26 billion settlement is expected soon from three pharmaceutical distributors – Cardinal Health, Amerisource Bergen, McKesson – and drug maker Johnson & Johnson. That’s only if 40 states and municipalities, parties to the lawsuit, accept the deal. The US faced the worst year for overdose deaths with 93K people dying in 2020. Attorney and legal analyst Lionel shares his perspective. (15:52)

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  • Eric McKay

    George is right. India and China will always be neighbors, and for thousands of years have co-existed peacefully. They should not let the US manipulate them into a disastrous war.

  • questworldmatrix

    UK flexing its muscles? Is that before or after China takes your order? And would you like a side of fries with that?

    Maybe one of these days China should lease British lands for a hundred years too.

  • Ceres Station

    As an Indian I would love to see the British pirate fleet sink to the bottom of the ocean along with all the pirates onboard

  • woodensurfer

    Another reason, even more important, is that China is still growing much faster than the US and the US; hence, China has no incentive to act in haste. China is not going to act decisively in the next 15 years, at least, say over Taiwan. Acts to inhibit China are superfluous now. Moreover, China's acting decisively may be not military but economic.

  • Talk the Talk

    It's actually the good time for Argentina to recapture the island currently occupied by Brits when British carrier is stationed in Asia.

  • J B

    All a show in the world stage. In near future all armies fall to Most High because their leaders are fools that try to fight Him.

  • Shawn Hopkins

    George you won’t say it but i can. You can’t still 100’s of your taxpayers money without having a enemy. So they make China and Russia the enemy while our countries are falling apart. Loo our infrastructure in the USA.

  • jamal jamal

    britain military is weak without the husband military power aka usa.They can't invade a medium size military power like iran india pakistan etc

  • Lee Kh

    Looks like history repeating itself. Remember the opium war with China. Time to get even with them. How British bullied China and made them paid for the lost opium. Or is it the Falkland war? Looks like this time round the end results will be very much different. Don't leave UK unguarded. Always fights in your adversary land. Russia and China should sent few ships to Irish sea too.
    What a joke.

  • Daniel Henry Thomas

    Manila, seriously, where is Regina Sports Lady?
    people miss Regina, she just disappeared with no explanation…
    is Regina coming back, soon?

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