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COVID 19: Why are Black Americans lagging in vaccination rates? | USA TODAY

Less than a quarter of Black Americans are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, according to CDC data from mid-July.


Health experts said the life expectancy data is further proof of the disproportionate effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on communities of color.

Black Americans are hospitalized with COVID-19 at 2.9 times the rate of white Americans and die at two times the rate, according to CDC data. Latinos are hospitalized at 2.8 times the rate and die at 2.3 times the rate of white Americans. Native Americans are hospitalized at 3.3 times the rate and die at 2.4 times the rate.


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  • Fucurlyfe B

    We're not lagging most of know we don't need that shit. If you eat healthy and exercise regularly you'll be ok don't fall for the Propaganda

  • Steven Bear

    They don't have an ID, and are unable to use the internet, have it mailed to them, or have someone else get it for them. RACIST

  • Joeg 911

    So 75% of the Black population is a Republican cause everyone is saying crap like : let the Republicans die, let's thin the herd, that will teach them. What happen to "You ain't Black if you don't vote Democrat"?

  • Leonard Washington

    I remember when they first came out with the vaccine, they targeted blacks. It must be because they love us so much. /s

  • waita minute

    Because there is No Black Friday Deals at the moment.. That's why there is a slow turn out… Offer a Brand New Jaguar/ 2021 Modular Home/ with Swimming Pool and free utilities for life to every Person who takes the shot and then you will get a better turn out…

  • michael young

    Because they don't want the unproven untested who knows what nano tech is in vaccine. They don't trust the government , big pharma or big tech.

  • Dean Duller

    Why?? Because they don't get paid to or get some kind of benefit or free shit. But you know they are working on an angle for that too

  • Dan Smith

    Because we understand the long histories dealing with the so-called government and all their so-called medical experts pertaining to the injustices against the black people. All of a sudden we are priority????? Thanks, but about 400 years short……

  • outdoorman

    It is because the African-Americans in the United States are not listening to you lying Democrats anymore and they are also not listening to your bull crap media Outlets that are run by a bunch of Democrats it's not because they don't have the means it's because they don't want it just like everyone else that doesn't want it I refuse to be a lab rat why get the jab when it came from a lab

  • Bill Dobbins

    Why are blacks lagging in vaccination rates? Because they are a lot smarter than Democrats give them credit for!

  • A Fluffy Pinecone

    It has nothing to do with equity, its not mistrust of the medical community, its distrust of the US government in its entirety.

    Slavery, Jim Crowe, Segregation, Tuskegee, Tulsa, should I go on?

    The US Government literally experimented on black men by infecting them with syphilis just to watch what would happen.

    If I was black I wouldn't trust anyone in authority to even tie my shoes.

  • Doug Buse

    Congratulations america! You now have a president who can invite the NBA champions to the White House, and they will accept because they're not ashamed of him. Good job!

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