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Meet The Press Broadcast (Full) – Jan. 9

In an exclusive interview with Meet the Press, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) talks about the ongoing Chicago school shutdown. Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, Vice Provost for Global Initiatives, University of Pennsylvania, and Dr. Céline Gounder epidemiologist at the NYU Grossman School of Medicine and Bellevue Hospital, join Meet the Press for an exclusive joint interview to discuss their call for a “new normal” plan to fight Covid. Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.), member, Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the U.S. Capitol, talks about former President Trump’s continuing influence over the Republican Party. » Subscribe to NBC News:
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Meet The Press Broadcast (Full) – Jan. 9


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  • Vincent Masci

    Hey Chuck are you starting rummers again . It's not the CDC's fault It's Trump and the people he appointed . Your feeding the heads of the angry . you and all the media are fueling the fire .

  • Jill Williams

    We need a new moderator he let the Sarah Fagan chick say anything she want without getting checked he does this every Sunday that Republicans say whatever they want without challenging them how about a black moderator I know that's never going to happen but it would make the show more interesting instead of Todd scared to hurt the Republicans feelings but that's right they all hang out together he'll probably see them later in the bar

  • Mary

    I don't like the Sunday news broadcasts because it just regurgitates everything I heard all week. In my opinion, it's a non-news day.

  • cyndi carr

    Why don’t we look at the science of countries that are 96 percent vaccinated. They are all sick in hospital !!!!! How many boosters $$$$ will make them happy

  • Freddy Turner

    Soo in other words the teacher's are their baby sitter's?? They are not the are there to teach . You putting everybody in danger. The parents need to find a babysitter. Have someone deliver meals to these kids or give the famliy more food stamp / EBT. And make these pepole get vaccinated. And she said don't play into fear. Is she stupid. Do you know how this stuff is spread it. It's very easily spread it rapidly spread it.. I got it I had all 3 shots had the flu shot and Anaheim allergy shots every other week. That didnt save me. Then I'm telling you what kind of Colvid that you have. Then they tell people go out after 5 days. When they have no idea if they still have the virus. Pure Stupidity.

  • Samuel Boles

    P what a bunch of crock of BS with hospitals overwhelmed and cases spiking the lies just continue and continue and continue and continue it's a bunch of BS oh the omicron variant the omicron variant is a bunch of BS bsbsbs where did the omicron variant come from where did that come from oh did the covid-19 virus mutate oh how did it mutate why don't somebody explain that to me you know it's a bunch of BS

  • Janie K Carney

    I support the Teachers. They shouldn’t die so another Mom gets to go to work in a safe place. Kids spread every virus.

  • El Diablo

    I love my steak cooked well on the outside and some pink in the middle. Add real $5 a bar butter and real bits of garlic. I eat my steak using a spiked fork. Throw back a few extra protein drinks and a slice of silicon from the great valley in California.

  • SithLord Billy

    I would like to see "Sara Fagen" in a "Star Wars – Princess Slave Leia Outfit" from "Return of the Jedi" on Meet the Press show! 🤗 I would pay to see that all night long! 😋

  • janic2141

    She is full of you know what all you care about is money kids getting sick then they come home give it to the parents then parents out of work

  • Mauro Troy

    People dying all around the world and the City of Chicago under the gangs control and the Mayor said everything is going well . Really?

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