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Visualising 150,000 UK coronavirus deaths – BBC News

150,000 people in the UK have now died with Covid-19.

The sobering figure has been reached after nearly two years of daily coronavirus statistics.

The BBC’s Health and Science Reporter Laura Foster tries to help us understand the impact Covid has had on the UK.

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  • Hawsey Hoolihan

    There used to be all sorts of "tinfoil hat" and "conspiracy theory" type comments ….. they all seem to have disappeared now … strange that?

  • Jon Brothers

    Died withinin 28 days after having a test that tests for nothing . Total fraud . Yet more propaganda from the beeb. Still , plenty of covidians lapping up the doom .

  • Gianpa

    I don't want to downplay the situation by any means, but knowing how many people died WITH the virus is not even an interesting statistic… It would be like making a video about all the people that died this year… Sad yes but…

  • Arthur Arsekey

    What about 150000 flu deaths? or 150000 cancer deaths? Why just coronavirus? Did you know that whilst "Covid" was doing its thing, influenza completely disappeared. And the miracle is that the all cause mortality death rate pretty much remained the same. Thank goodness flu had a few months off eh? The BBC has become the very thing Orwell warned us about.

  • T-Rex

    Although figures are escalated as a covid death counts as dying within 28 days of a positive test. I personally know 2 that’ve died from covid but three who’ve died of other things but turned out they had covid so we’re recorded as a covid death. I can be alone in this finding.

  • chris germann

    Can we have a "visualising" number of cancer deaths due to missed diagnosis at early stage due to mass hysteria driven by the media?. Thought not glad i axed my licence 4 years ago.

  • Joe Pike

    More scare-mongering for no legitimate reason. Can we be given the actual covid death figures instead of those who tested positive 28 days before their demise. My wife and I both work within the NHS and know these figures are a gross miss-representation of the true figure.

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