International aid is pouring in as the country continues to grapple with hundreds of thousands of new COVID cases as one estimate predicts one million Indians will die from the virus by August.

Vaccinations are the ‘end game’ to the COVID-19 crisis in India: Fauci

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19 thoughts on “India's healthcare system pushed to its limits as coronavirus crisis deepens l GMA”
  1. Have an honest question for you all. Do you really watch this news to be informed or is it just a guilty pleasure knowing India’s current plight?

    I’ll be frank n tell you it’s kinda both for me. And I don’t mean it in a horrid way. It’s just that I feel conditioned into watching such coverage daily ever since this pandemic began. Like I’m actively seeking such videos.

    Am I making any sense? I hope I am. I also hope I am not the only one feeling a tad bit schadenfreude. Is something wrong with me to feel this urge?

    Troll away if you feel this is sick behavior. I’m not rich enough to get a therapist, so thought I might get some honest answers here.

  2. Thank you for all field journalists risking their lives too to bring the news to the world. Stay safe!

  3. If its so undercounted theyre having to use cattle dung to cremate bc theyre out of wood, then 1 million is still a really really low number.

  4. You’ve got a country that’s been overpopulated for eons. You’ve got a pandemic that surged throughout the world. You’ve got infrastructure that has been in need forever. It’s only going to get worse before it gets better with the new variants popping up there. Sad as it is, I’m not exactly surprised.

  5. Anti government anger, that anger should be directed towards china it's their fault this all happened.

  6. When we crossed 200k cases our prime minister was busy in elections
    Supreme court has to tell him that do something about the situation 😞
    That's the most scariest thing

  7. India have technology to make both Covishield and homegrown Covaxin vaccines. But supreme leader of India said 2 months back that, India won the fight against corona and is an example for the world while exporting about 70 million doses to other countries which had very less number of cases than India. He had all the time to create reserve of oxygen, medicine and vaccines but instead he done mega political rallies, permitted mass Religious festivals which infected millions of people.

  8. Please don't be ridiculous!  I spoke to multiple contacts in India.  The people who are dying are those who have been vaccinated.  This is exactly what Geert Vanden Bossche warned of, mutation of the virus in vaccinated people to become more deadly and potentially unstoppable.  Why don't you try telling the truth for once?

  9. India population explosion & India government apathy is all over, where is India government intl Press conference??? Are they hiding now arrogant india gov ? India malafic Karmaa unfolding Each day! #sjsrana

  10. WHERE are all the Hollywood / Bollywood celebs when we need them ? If someone uses the wrong pronoun or makes a politically incorrect statement there's hell to pay yet virtual silence from the luvvies regarding India and Nepal. WHY ??

  11. COVID DEATHS IN INDIA ARE FAKE! The lying news media will have you believe people in India are dying from Covid at a rapid pace, but this has been proven to be false! Actually, death tolls are rising in India from the “covid vaccine”, which has not been approved by the FDA and will NEVER be approved by the FDA.

  12. India is on the brink of collapse. Ppl should get money and assets out of India ASAP, before it's too late.

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