A new ruling is giving the IRS the go-ahead to find cryptocurrency investors who may be skipping out on paying their taxes. It could be the start of a much larger wave of tax enforcement as the crypto market continues to grow in value in popularity. And In Question takes a look at dark money inside politics and the Swiss Billionaire gaining influence in the US.

This week’s episode of Just Press Play features these stories and the best from this week on RT America.

This episode’s Just Press Play-list:

Segment 1: Dennis Miller Interviews Businessman Kevin O’Leary (on Dennis Miller +One) 0:59

Segment 2: Manila Chan interviews George Galloway, D. Watkins, and Ed Martin (on In Question) 04:07

Segment 3: Jesse Ventura interviews Jen Briney (on World According to Jesse) 7:20

Segment 4 : Ameshia Cross interviews immigration attorney Allen Orr (on Watching The Hawks) 10:42

Segment 5: Chris Hedges interviews historian Paul Street (on On Contact) 14:47
Segment 6: Mike Papantonio interviews RT Correspondent Brigida Santos (on America’s Lawyer) 18:12

Segment 7: Rachel Blevins interviews Christy Ai and Ben Swann (on Boom Bust) 21:25

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28 thoughts on “IRS coming for crypto users?”
  1. How about the US stop destabilizing their countries with their coups that topple democratically elected governments.

  2. People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in bitcoin

  3. It’s all been a plan for a very long time . Make everything a (traceable electronic transaction)
    Oh well people accept the chains on their ankles and wrists freely

  4. Too much military they've got to keep antagonizing the world, well all there money won't do them any good because China would run all over them in days with sheer manpower alone. Not to mention there latest weaponry .

  5. Freedom = Mine and I decide what and how to utilize that. Perhaps less IRS and maybe when the government does the right thing I might on my own free will decide to make a contribution

  6. The future is a technocracy. In this new world, you will have 3 classes of people: the super-rich who own the nations, those who own cryptocurrencies who will be the "middle class", and the slaves, paid in SlaveBits(tm) digital fiat.

    Now the governments try to squeeze that future middle class already.

  7. So much for the people that keep telling you that crypto can't be touched by the government.

  8. Been telling y'all THEY would find a way to stick their long noses in and get their filthy little hands on, the crypto game. (And y'all know who I'm talking about!!) Start stacking tangible, hands on assets like silver or copper. If you can afford it, gold!
    Btw… Switzerland is where ALL the home bases are for the NWO and the Globalists. Catch up!

  9. You guys know crypto money is not legal and that it contradicts Romains.13
    You know that money is put in place by Central Intelligence agencies to find out who doesn't want to declare their money

  10. I thought I don’t know what I thought but I sure didn’t expect to see Jesse Ventura asking stupid questions really who needed the job worse you or him?

  11. The Republican white dude whinnying and worrying about big money in politician elections and losing our' Republic. – LMAO

  12. It's because farmers refuse to pay US, livable, wages not because US people don't want to work fields .!

  13. I've learned over the years not to listen to pretty much anything RT has to say. It's more than likely Russian disinformation.

  14. Great context. Everyone needs more than there salary to be financially stable. The best thing to do with your money is to invest it rightly, because money left for saving always end up used with no returns. I started investing in bitcoin mid November 2020 with the help of a well-known -professional Mr john David and the profit entirely funded my recent duplex.

  15. Aww how cute the IRS wants to continue the feds printing fake money and upholding the Zionist system. Nothing lasts forever.

  16. Taiwan is republic o China ffs why would they need to attack?so many Americans are brainwashed into stupid anti China hate its just pathetic

  17. Of course they are, they want the tax …. I really feel for some people who are gonna get caught … all the exchanges will hand over data without question as they are bridging the gap as it were .

    It does make you wonder all them years back when people were using bitcoin for the black market …only now do they realise its ALL stored data of every single transaction ever done in crypto …

    So if you think you got a massive tax bill coming – GET YOUR ARSE OUT THE US .

  18. The banks may not control the world, but they come pretty close. We fight wars for the banks. If banks don't want people using bitcoin, we won't be using it. Not unless they can control it, and profit off of it.

  19. The IRS is a criminal operation and I can prove it. Simply put, the IRS is the enforcement arm of the 2nd plank of the Communist Manifesto. Our Founders wrote a Constitution that outlawed any implementation of communist doctrines in this country.
    Simply ask them what law creates a "liability" or establishes your salary as a "revenue taxable activity" It does not exist!

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