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Thursday, May 19News That Matters

Lawyers give closing arguments in Derek Chauvin's trial | USA TODAY

WARNING: Viewers may find portions of this trial disturbing
Closing arguments expected in the trial of Derek Chuavin in the death of George Floyd.
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Judge Peter Cahill told the 14 members of the jury that they should return to court at 9 a.m. CDT Monday and be prepared to hear closing arguments from attorneys on both sides. After Following that, Cahill will instruct the jurors on the laws in the case before the panel members start verdict deliberations. Two members of the jury will be informed that they were alternates and will not be part of deliberations.

The jury will be sequestered during its deliberations.

Chauvin is charged with second-degree murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter in Floyd’s death last Memorial Day. If convicted of the most serious charge, he could face 10½ years to 15 years in prison under sentencing guidelines for first-time offenders. He could receive a lesser term.

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  • ronni lucy

    It's hard to believe that this good defense attorney delivers such a good convincing closing argument to an already biased jury who had already convicted Derek before trial started. Eric did his job, if I was on the jury, he would have put doubt into my mind.

  • Carlton Jenkins

    All I know is if a Male or Female African American Police Officer killed a Caucasian civilian It would be a whole different ball game and that officer would be dead on the scene

    There's nothing anyone can do to save Derek Chaivin he's the one who killed George Floyd now he's in prison and that's that.

  • Brenda Holman

    This "MURDER" Sat in that Court Room Like,…He Did No Wrong, and That His Actions Were Of Correct Justification! This World Has Seen That,….There's No True Justice For Ppl Of Color In This Society Today! If The Tables Were Turned,…George Floyd's Name and Everything About Him Would Have Been "DESTROYED"!! "We" (All Race's), Have To Do Better As The Human Race! Derek Chavin Intentions Were To Kill and Dedtroy! And,….That's Exactly What He Did! Over A Counterfeit $20 Dollar Bill!
    I Can't Get Over The Bad Behavior In Our "So-Called"….Justice System!
    L l

  • yourdanos Alemsged

    I read some of the comment some heartless people was saying the killer was doing his job really?? he’s hand was handcuffed and he’s laying down on ground what was the threat?? O you are right he’s doing his job KILLING 😭

  • Tabby Livvy

    Those cops was nasty as hell!!! They showed no sense of humanity at all. This man was having an anxiety attack and the drugs in his system didn’t help things, but that’s not why he was arrested. How many white folks kick and scream and fight cops and make it to a cell.

  • Tabby Livvy

    It appalls me to think his lawyer thought he made sense in a lot of his argument. Example:

    “If you are talking, that means you are breathing!”

    Ok, Mr. Smarty Pants, why didn’t Officer Chauvin get off of him ONCE HE STOPPED TALKING??? Doesn’t that mean he’s no longer breathing then??? The paramedics and other officers were even concerned as to why he was still on George Floyd’s neck. He was locked in that position and was arrogant and trying to prove some point to the bystanders. He was cocky and I wish they would put his ass in GENERAL POPULATION. Please do! Any reasonable cop knows what would happen to him if they did.

  • Tia Maria

    The problem is. Everytime cops attend certain areas and arrest or defend themselves, there are always a group of pple filming calling them out even when they are doing nothing wrong.
    I despise those pple.


    Imagine doctors and nurses were as heartless as some police officers and some of you ? So many of you would be left to die. A lot of you have no sympathy and can’t see when someone is in distress. It was clear that George Floyd was in distress since they first went to his car. But I guess because he was black all some of you could see is his past. You forgot how many of you are addicted to street drugs and narcotics. The hypocrisy I tell you. Smh! Too many racist people in America.

  • nashtek

    the man was handcuffed what threat could he have posed even if he stood up he still was not a danger to the police..chauvin's lawyer need to shut up

  • Ramon Laguer

    I want to say that I'm very happy with the Judge, He did the right decision. Now I see he is a Good human being on the earth! Thank you Judge!


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  • Lindsy

    These cops would rather kill someone on instant instead of letting them run… and before anyone says “so you want criminals in the loose” I know people who have done crimes and haven’t been to jail fined etc

  • Preston O'Donley

    Idk how much I believe in the authenticity of this trial. It feels like a show trial, sadly. Seems like this was completely public driven so idk what I believe about this now

  • Las Vegas News Agency

    “Cop Clan”… Auditors are INDISPENSABLE!… in light of the Current MURDER Rampage Unleashed on THE PEOPLE by Cops – Cameras Everywhere MUST be a TOP PRIORITY! – Children and Handicapped Citizens must be PROTECTED.

  • Baby Kay

    Regardless of if he was high, or had health issues. The officer still NEGLECTED to do his JOB! serve and protect . He did not provide medical attention as he had been trained to do..

  • jocee ky

    I doubt this was this killer cops first rodeo . His personnel file was super thick with bad conduct and yet he was training new officers smh make it make sense .

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