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Wednesday, May 25News That Matters

DOJ files federal charges against Chauvin, 3 other former officers

A federal grand jury indicted Derek Chauvin and three other former Minneapolis police officers, alleging they violated George Floyd’s constitutional rights.

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  • Luey Goodtimes

    What is funny is that american police brutality (even this instance where someone died) is weak and not that outrageous…..wait until your picked up in some 3rd world shit hole for trying to scam/steal from a merchant- 😏 they put tire around your neck and beat you with sticks while threatening to soak you in gas and light you on fire. Even tribal people treat thieves worse than this when they disrespect the operation of society….just something to think about while they keep throwing this in our face.
    Also you could put everything that george Floyd made while he was alive in a room and it would be a little bit of money, a shitty rap verse, a few kids and couple of tons of shit- 🤔 its not like ever contributed, blessing in disguise imo (I hate meth addicts by the way, they can all die imo…just in case you thought my comment was racist- 😂 yeah other types of hate exist in case you are simple af).

  • Jack Austin

    I’m going to get steamrolled here, but while I think Chauvin is getting what he deserves, the two rookie cops are really getting scapegoated here. Thao, Chauvin’s partner, suggested lying Floyd on the ground and it was Chauvin who had his knee on Floyd’s neck. Lane even suggested rolling Floyd over during his repeated pleas but Chauvin ignored this suggestion. This is just the government going to the extreme and throwing out the lives of two rookie cops who were asking for help and submitting to the commands of their superiors. Making that call for backup was the biggest mistake of their lives.

  • c boomer

    DOJ is a BULLY! Injustices for the police officers and political prisoners for the Dems and Progressives.

  • JourneyMan Smitty

    I'm sure deep down inside those guys wish they weren't with Derek Chauvin that very day especially🤔

  • Rolls Royce Network

    The fact that some people see police officers as gods and they never do wrong speaks volumes. They should never be held accountable UNTIL it happens to them. That’s why some of y’all are racist and don’t want your children or relatives dating black people because you know deep down your gonna have to deal with the problem. You ain’t stupid

  • IAmNot TheOne

    They are ALL guilty. Lock them up and throw away the 🔑 . The next time police officers think about killing Black people for no reason at all this will make them think twice👌🏾! Just because you get arrested doesn’t mean that the police have the authority to murder you and take away your life! GTFOH!

  • ntxhaispaaj

    This case whatever the results may be, I hope it motivates the bad cops to reconsider their -ist actions and remind them that they are hired to deescalate and uphold the law instead of dictating it whether they hire someone/interact with private citizens/ or complete a task on the job

  • deep1

    These officers walk with the LORD. They are fighting Satan, yet get convicted for it. God will have his vengeance.

  • IAmNot TheOne

    I hope they All get convicted and get DECADES in jail. Let’s see if they try these tactics on the black guys in jail…… Don’t drop the soap guys!!!

  • Jesse L. Wilson

    I’ve been saying this from the beginning. If you convict him then they’re all accomplices. This places the biggest hole in their “white supremacy” narrative as the other officers that were involved are of mixed races. 👏🏻

  • J C

    What about Hunter Biden? The DOJ won't go there nor did they go after queen Hillary or Cuomo for his serial sexual assaults/mass murder of the elderly. The DOJ is a tool for the left and totally corrupt.

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