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Tuesday, May 24News That Matters

Here's why U.S. infrastructure is lagging behind other countries | Just the FAQs

The U.S. funds infrastructure differently than a lot of other countries, relying more on state and local spending. Here’s why it’s faring so poorly. RELATED: https://bit.ly/3upj4eb

President Joe Biden introduced a sweeping $2 trillion infrastructure and jobs package that looks to reshape the American economy and make the most significant domestic U.S. investments in generations.

His far-reaching American Jobs Plan includes spending to repair aging roads and bridges, jump-start transit projects and rebuild school buildings and hospitals. It would also expand electric vehicles, replace all lead pipes and overhaul the nation’s water systems.

But the plan goes far beyond infrastructure.

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  • 中華傲訣

    In the 1980’s, Reagan willingly decides to switch to neo liberal policies when govt participation or intervention should be used as minimal as possible and financial service were greatly emphasized.Thus from that day onwards. US manufacturing industry were relegated to outsourcing, to the point that manufacturing now only take up about 10% of US’s GDP. Financial services now occupied more than 80%of its GDP spending. So after 4 decades of inactivity from the manufacturing industry, US has lost the edge completely. Even if it start now, where would get the manufacturing expertise, managers, know- how to build infrastructure. Americans were taught from young to go to the financial and banking sector or be lawyers , sit behind the desk, looking at the rise and fall of stock prices , to get instant rewards and profits.

  • M J

    The reality is America is a capitalist country and we don't care about anything but money and we are cheap asses, that's why

  • Angelmarauder

    Most were "designed" in the '60s by the government? Why not let communities make their own decisions? We don't need the district of George Washington lording over us.

  • Jam1053428

    It's simple, most of the tax dollars goes to wars and corporations and the 1% rather than what they are meant for (the people).

  • buhao pengyou

    The California road problem was a landslide. Had nothing to do with crumbling infrastructure so why did you even mention it?

  • K

    Can we also talk about how ridiculous it is that these huge single family developments are being built, but the taxes generated don't even cover the cost of maintaining all of the extra suburban roads?

  • UBI-For-Life 3K-A-Month

    Hardcore Absolute Fact: Gentrification(Criminal Wealthy Parasites 🦠) pushing out the poor by gobbling up foreclosures for dirt cheap and then gouging the prices where more and more Poorer human beings cannot find affordable housing!!!! Wealthy people are destroying humanity as the communists they are!!!

  • The realest

    if the united states for since the 1980's invested more into the infrastructure instead of the military, then the states would have been incredible today.

  • 공차 성애자

    While the USA does lag behind other countries in infrastructure, I believe if we put our minds on improving our country, we can surpass any nation in the world. We Americans need to now open our eyes and understand that the stronger weapon in the modern era is education and infrastructural strength.

  • George Kafantaris

    Republicans need to understand that Trump’s policies and rhetoric have set us back a decade or more against other countries. This is why there is an urgency now for a hefty investment in infrastructure. Either we spend the cash or we are left behind — for good. Technology is a great equalizer and has made it easier for more progressive countries to compete with us. And they will eat our lunch if the shortsighted Republican Senators keep getting in the way. For God’s sake, put aside politics. Our national security is at stake.

  • Styxhexenhammer666

    The USA is a giant chunk of the continent as large as all of Europe. It makes sense given the terrain and considerably smaller time span in which it was ever terraformed that infrastructure would be less robust in some ways.

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