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Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

Get the recipes:
Pain au Chocolat:
Ham and Cheese Croissants:
Almond Croissants:

Claire Saffitz is here for the first installment of Try This at Home, a new series where Claire walks you through different baking projects and techniques. Croissants are up first, and while they may not be easy or breezy, they sure are beautiful.

0:00 – 2:13: INTRO
2:13 – 5:03 Détrempe
5:03 – 8:20 Butter block
8:20 – 9:48 Lock butter
9:48 – 12:04 First turn
12:04 – 13:34 Second turn
13:34 – 14:18 Preshape
14:18 – 19:00 Roll, cut, proof
19:00 – 20:09 Egg wash
20:09 – 23:11 Bake and eat
23:11 – 24:52 Pain au chocolat
24:52 – 25:42 Ham and cheese
25:42 – 27:42 Almond croissant
27:42 – End: Croissant party




About NYT Cooking:
All the food that’s fit to eat (yes, it’s an official New York Times production).


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29 thoughts on “Make Perfect Croissants With Claire Saffitz | NYT Cooking”
  1. Claire, you are an amazing teacher. Your attention to detail and your concise explanations make the most technical recipes seem attainable ❤️

  2. is it nice to see you not stressing about making fancy versions of processed candy bars c:

  3. Please, please have close captioning for your videos. Even Claire has them on her channel – surely a larger manned outfit can arrange for accessibility options. I love your videos, pls help.

  4. Does anyone think Claire understands her power to make us feel like it's all going to be OK?

  5. Oh my goodness!!! They look delicious and my mouth was salivating the whole video!!! 🤤🤤🤤

  6. there is no joy like eating a homemade croissant right out of the oven

    the first time I did them, I was so nervous and they came out so perfect I almost cried

  7. Croissants are #1 when it comes to breakfast pastries and these prove it. Just look at those shiny things of beauty! Great work!

  8. hot tip for the ham and cheese ones, mix some cream cheese with dijon and pipe or spread some underneath the ham, it tastes incredible!

  9. Don't get me wrong I'm sure Claire's croissants are fantastic but nothing will beat medialunas man

  10. Claire, I have seen people use a large ziplock bag to form butter into nice rectangular for lamination purpose. Don’t know that will work for the dough.

  11. I’m read her recipe for croissants but the written version seems more complicated. I’m so glad she made this video

  12. If we had this video this time last year, we all would’ve had big fat croissant parties by now and sourdough would be knocking on the window with a longing tear🤣

  13. I made the all butter croissants at home and it was the most magical and ethereal process. If you want your baking confidence to be boosted, do it! I feel like a real baker now😌👩‍🍳

  14. Can someone pls report their experience of making this at home so that the rest of us can know whether to try or give up 😅

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