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Why are so many people committing suicide in prison? – BBC Newsnight

BBC Newsnight reports on the alarming levels of prisoners committing suicide and hear from the mothers who lost children to a prison process that failed them. Please subscribe HERE

Prison suicides are barely mentioned – outside the sensational ones that grab the headlines.

But over the last ten years there has been a dramatic rise in prisoners taking their own lives – up 220 percent. A death in prison can leave victims of crime, as well as families, desperate to understand what went wrong.

Newsnight goes behind bars to try and understand the part of the system that isn’t working. We discover a world in which mental health is treated too often with custodial sentencing, in which officers are promised training they never receive, and a world in which checks, that have never been made on prisoners, are recorded and falsified.

We speak to families who presumed their loved ones would serve short sentences in relative safety – only to find they would never return home.


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Newsnight’s Richard Watson reports.

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  • jiggly booboo

    As a white man at 18 who went to prison for Assault not in Britain I can tell you why people commit suicide. They are tribalist hellholes and not much of a white tribe in prisons. Sounds about like what western gov's are doing to Europeans after selling out the countries. Just fyi they are actually oppressing the development and growth of Europeans in favor of non Europeans through means of redlining like minority rights, etc. These ppl and these propagandists lie about fckin everything. The rich white people don't realize or at least some don't that by system design they punch down to uphold the power of those in power and aid groups like BLM well virtue signalling how great they are. All rich white people that claim to be Liberals but really are Communists are on the right as well but you know them because they all have the same agenda and Marxist talking points. While they blame you for white supremacy and colonialism they are colonizing you and have been doing it in the most insidious ways you can imagine for a very very long time using Marxism and worse. Hypocrisy and double standards is also their thing and they will justify it through shaming, lying, manipulation, etc you name it. You should be sending these feminists aiding a Communist takeover to serve in the military and praise their all mighty leader if they are so about equity or equality.

  • Magical Capi

    A reflect of an unforgiven society. Before you even being born, you have to pray that everything is set in motion to you become what the society approves. One wrong move, maybe even from another, and everything is gone.

  • Jelly Whit

    People killing them selves in prison; as good as a self cleaning oven, Republican base in America not getting vaccinated from Covid19 contracting and dying

  • David Johnson

    Probably because they are the ones in prison for stupid reasons, 5 years for stealing a smartphone, some sweets, or some stupid fine or non-payment of some tax, council tax or TV license which they couldn't afford. Some people are in prison without a proper sentence, so it is almost indefinite. Just read up about Osvaldas Pagirys or Osime Brown, both cases as bad as George Floyd in my opinion. 5 years and deportation for a boy with learning difficulties and the other one killing himself in prison for stealing sweets. My heart absolutely breaks and it goes to show how EVIL the Tories are yet we keep on voting for these s/bags.

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