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Inside the planning of the Tokyo Olympics, with no fans and a raging pandemic

The Tokyo Olympics are happening as Japan is grappling with the coronavirus pandemic, along with the rest of the world. But the year-late games are pressing on, to a chorus of protests and pandemic fears – about a superspreader event of global proportions. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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  • jeff strong

    While international players sleeping on 6ft kids paper box bed, no refrigerator in rooms during 100+ degree humid weather, remote control in Japenise NO ENGLISH, 6ft short bathroom, packed them in building like chickens to share COVID and feeding Fukushima radioactive raised foods for advertising while their own people avoid eating them due to causing cancer in the past to their Fukushima advertising actors got sick or died. What piss me off is Japenise players are staying in luxury hotel sleeping on regular king size bed, training in comfort and eating separate food from international players. World doesn't know how cruel Japenise are due to bribing foreign media and politicians. IOC is one of them got bribed by Japenise government staying at 5 star luxury hotel that cost tens of thousands a night and gifted with Rolex watches.

  • Saint Nomad

    A list of incidents before the Tokyo Olympics:

    1. 'Anti-sex' cardboard beds that were ordered from the company where former PM Abe's brother is positioned as C.E.O.

    2. 'Japanese Only' elevator at Akasaka Excel Hotel in Tokyo.

    3. Water at the triathlon swimming venue stinks.

    4. Serving Fukushima food to the Olympic athletes.

    5. English translation fails at the main Olympic stadium.

    6. Plagiarism of the official Tokyo Olympic Emblem.

    7. The First Olympics with no spectators in history.

    8. It has been revealed that Yakuza illegally deployed homeless people to the construction site of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and even stole their pays.

    9. French prosecutors say bribery may have been involved in the selection of the 2020 Summer Olympics.

    10. The Olympic main sponsor companies will be absent from official events during the Olympics. [especially Toyota]

    11. About 10,000 volunteers resigned.

    12. Olympic athletes' village without TV and refrigerator.

    13. JOC allowed the Japanese athletes to stay at hotels, not the Olympic village.

    14. Bizarre HEAD balloon to cheer up for the athletes.

    15. UNESCO expresses STRONG regret for the distortion of the history of Tokyo's Industrial Heritage Information Center where promotes Japanese history.

    16. During the pandemic, Japan has never conducted more than 100,000 Covid-19 tests a day.
    17. Kentaro Kobayashi, Olympics Opening Ceremony Director, Dismissed Over Holocaust Jokes.
    18. The U.S won't let the athletes eat anything at the Olympic Village. The U.S will provide 7000 meals per day in a different place.
    19. China is trying to make fun of Japan, so China urgently distributes a video of what kind of bed it has prepared for the Winter Olympics. [Bed with auto-leveling plus massage pillow.]
    20. Tokyo would be too hot. So they moved the venue for the marathon to Hokkaido.
    21. Children who go to places where they can watch the Olympics are asked to bring Coca-Cola, and if it is not Coca-Cola, take off all the labels.
    ….even more!!

  • P C

    Brought you by greed and saving face. So much for world peace and fair competition. Next time let's have the Olympics even if the host country might be in the middle of civil unrest because MONEY!

  • Family God

    How Japan Purifies Tokyo Bay Dung Water Pool
    1. Sterilize E. coli by discharging Fukushima nuclear contaminated water.
    2. Tokyo citizens do not poo for a month.
    This is the way.

  • Saint Nomad

    Breaking News: According to the Japan Times, Kentaro Kobayashi, Olympics Opening Ceremony Director, Dismissed Over Holocaust Jokes.

  • اكرم حسن

    لا ولا ولا للمنشطات نعم للقانون الأولمبي ولا ولا ولا أما رياضيه وأما رياضي حقوقهم لابد من مراعاتها

  • اكرم حسن

    مع تطبيق الفار لا للظلم ضربه جزاء حسب رأي الشخصي بين كندا واليابان لصالح اليابان

  • The Alpha & The Omega

    a raging pandemic? How come it's only a raging pandemic when it suits certain political parties? When hundreds of thousands of morons marched for George Floyd for 7 months, burning and looting, it wasn't a problem. But it became an issue for voting? And now this?

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