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Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

Rick Sanchez examines the tremendous human toll of the opioid crisis and the ways that the “most evil family in America” multiplied their billions and avoid paying restitution to the victims. (00:13) Then Investigative journalist and “Boom Bust” co-host Ben Swann explores the details of how regulatory capture and corruption prevent justice for victims of the opioid crisis. (05:28) Then Mike Papantonio, host of “America’s Lawyer” shares his insights. (09:04)

A wealth of never-before-seen IRS files reveals the shocking omnipresence of tax avoidance among wealthy elites by means of arcane tax loopholes and offshore banking. RT America’s Faran Fronczak explains how the richest people are able to get away with paying a tiny fraction of their fair share in taxes. (14:45)

Plus, RT America’s Alex Mihailovich examines a new bipartisan effort to counter China and Pulitzer-winning columnist Chris Hedges explains the deteriorating working conditions in the US that may soon come to resemble the tremendously exploitative working conditions in China where an iPhone is assembled, long before it reaches the hands of its buyer. He argues that as long as jobs can be offshored and workers treated “little better than serfs,” there will be no substance to any proposals to create “good-paying union jobs.” (18:31)

00:00 Full Show
00:13 Opioid Crisis
05:28 Opioid Victims
14:45 Tax Avoidance
18:31 Biden plan to beat China

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22 thoughts on “Who is 'the most evil family in America' & who named them so? (Full show)”
  1. I'm live in Pensacola Fl, and it's good to know that this guy is down here helping this drug riddled city. Crime has spiked immensely alone because of the rise in heroin usage, which most people start on opioids, then lead to heroin. The drugs down here are bad, and the city is so ran down because of it.

  2. not a surprise, the so called democratic system actually works for capital group, speaks for richer, poor ordinary people

  3. "America First" is a cover up to protect American plutocracy, corporate imperialism and military hegemony globally. No country is allowed to be better than the US. Many Western governments have been fooled, being held ransom by the US. It's not an exaggeration to say that they have given their sovereignty on foreign relations to the US.

    Justice prevails. Common sense prevails. The US will fail in its policies to protect against competitors.

  4. They say the most dangerous family and maybe it's right but makes me vomit is that they could avoided such death if they did keep check on what kind of medicine they allow on the market or am I wrong??

    If they did that then they would never have been able to get the profile as the most dangerous family

  5. Charles Schumer on why the U$ is failing to keep up with China; We're not spending enough on research and development.
    Really Chuck. You don't think it might be how little the U$ spends on continued education. He might want to question the wisdom of advanced education only being for the children of the wealthy. He not only missed the elephant in the room – he did it while standing knee deep in elephant poo. Virtually every country in the world that offers free education to qualifying students (the ones with good grades, not just wealthy parents) is advancing on the U$'s <former> lead in tech development.

  6. I live in New Mexico, nothing stronger than Tramadol is being prescribed, even Tramadol is being treated like an opiod & my aged mother had to sign oodles papers for 12 tablets.

  7. The Sacklers? Yep, it's time to put them in jail. Will that happen? Nope.
    But then what about all of those doctors who over-prescribed Oxycontin? Will any of them lose their licenses? Nope. Are any of them going to jail? Nope.
    What the reality? Jail is only for lower and middle income people.

  8. Afghanistan had all but eradicated growing of opium poppies. Does oxycoton interfere with the CIA drug running program? See Thailand, etc.,

  9. Like l alway say the middle class carry all the tax load the rich and poor dont pay and with pandemic wiping out middle class l wonder whos going to pay taxes

  10. Read or listen to "Empire of Pain". The root cause is government corruption, media corruption, high society corruption, MD corruption, even journalist corruption (there the Sacklers being "philanthropists" or "art connoisseurs") – every link is corrupt. Had any one of them been strong enough to resist bribes, selling opium pills for general pain would never happen. The Sacklers are completely unscrupulous and willing to use every dirty criminal trick they can, but they were allowed to get away with their misdeeds at every step until dissenting journalists and a vocal public brought relentless attention to the issue.

    America has no consumer watchdog which could nip these issues in the bud before they pick up speed, because that's bad for business. These problems generally only see action when public pressure mounts and the theatrical senate hearings are called, because then there's an incentive to not smear yourself with an electorally stinking substance.

    The system can't be fixed, but you can encourage a very healthy dose of skepticism towards any "miracle" drugs among those you know.

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