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Thursday, May 19News That Matters

President Joe Biden delivered a blunt message to both allies and adversaries | ABC News

On his first foreign trip since taking office, President Joe Biden delivered a blunt message to both allies and adversaries, particularly Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Plus, as more travelers take to the skies, the TSA is warning that 131 of the nation’s airports could experience staffing shortages this month.

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  • american pride

    Keep anyone you love away from the man “I love those barrettes in your hair. Man I’ll tell you what, look at her, she looks like she’s 19-years-old sitting there like a little lady with her legs crossed,”

  • woodensurfer

    The vaccines should have been delivered to other countries months earlier. Late can be not much better than never, as it takes at least two months after delivery of vaccines for countries to achieve herd immunity. Most countries see American selfishness, and poor countries see that of the entire West.

    Stop touting Western democracy so much when its weaknesses have been so vividly demonstrated for the world to see.

    The USA really does not have any real adversaries. The US needs to manufacture enemies to satisfy a certain warped desire–and there is the need of the military-industrial complex to expand.

    The US is back, but only after a nail-biting victory after an election when Trump had close to 50% support. Much of the world sees the high risk of another Trump in the offing. Trumpism will have to be quite expunged in the eyes of the world for the US to be back–not likely.

  • Someone Nearyou

    Just here to witness all the thumbs down and comments about potato head joe. It is amazing this dotard is the most popular president in history and won more votes than any other president in history. He must be something really special lol

  • Brett

    Biden can only offer vaccines to the rest of the world because operation 'Warp Speed' purchased billions of vaccines before he was even elected. Talk about stealing credit from people before him. What a joke he is

  • Gilbert Garcia

    Joe is full of 💩. He saying we will conecore when he will not put any of the 6 trillion dollars he's asking for into our armed forces. Wow, we are becoming a laughing stock. Putin is going to eat him alive.

  • Demcrusher Republican

    The messed up thing is no world leader will take him seriously… only the corrupt will seem to be allied with him .

  • Scott W

    By democracy I mean corpocracy now get back to work so you can buy more imported junk! I need to get back to important things like meetings with lobbyists and donors.

  • Johnny D

    His blunt message is "I poop every morning at 8am and my wife wakes me up at 9" then "my press secretary, what's her face, covers up the dirty diaper really well" and "I'm afraid I mean you should be afraid of trump, or I mean be afraid of my wife, ahh I better stop before I get in trouble"

  • Bob

    "Delivered"????? This guy has only delivered inflation, increased racism, refunding terrorist governments, socialism, and increased diversion among Americans.

  • D M

    "The US is back." What does that even mean? Which country was just BEGGING for us to start meddling in their affairs again? Which US citizen wants our government focused abroad and not at home? I feel like he's speaking to absolutely no one when he talks like this. The guy is GONE mentally and was a goofball to begin with.

  • Tomasz Walski

    Putin will tell Him padding on his shoulder: “Joe we did nothing” and Joe will say “ Ups my bad, sorry Vladimir for my wrong assumption” Mea Culpa Mea Culpa

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