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Watch Virgin Galactic space plane, Richard Branson make history | USA TODAY

Virgin Galactic space plane carrying billionaire Richard Branson reaches edge of space
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Watch Virgin Galactic’s rocket ship carrying Richard Branson make history in 2 minute recap.


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  • Divino Júnior

    He should his whole administration should especially his wife for lying like she did yesterday with the union president |

  • Alexi Causey

    Deception has become part of our society! We constantly have to filter out what is TRUTH and what is NOT! Eventually Truth does surface! |

  • Monnyse e mariana chispe

    Yes! ye! yes! .. pray 4 the truth & the lost. It's needed more than ever. So sad people in this country have sunk so low. |

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    Yes! ye! yes! .. pray 4 the truth & the lost. It's needed more than ever. So sad people in this country have sunk so low. |

  • Invisible Humanoid

    Please join me in prayer for all brothers and sisters in Christ praying for the lost to get saved praying for all those in need of prayers in USA and all around the world God bless you all |

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