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Victims and family members take legal action following Surfside condo collapse

The death toll is climbing in South Florida following the Surfside condo collapse more than two weeks ago. Officials say 86 deaths have been confirmed since the collapse and 43 people are potentially unaccounted for. The collapse has prompted a slew of lawsuits from victims and their family members. Now, dozens of lawyers are stepping forward in an effort to help with the legal proceedings. CBS News national correspondent Manuel Bojorquez spoke with first responders about the emotional toll of the recovery effort. Lana Zak also spoke with Jorge Silva, one of the attorneys volunteering to take the condo collapse case to court.

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  • Will

    Why it collapsed? That's not the correct question to ask. It should be who profited from this building being able to pass a building inspection. But what else would you expect from a conservative state who wants less government involvement. O well, thoughts and prayers. 😒

  • Mitch D

    Prediction: As required by law, there were inspections and reports created for years and years by reputable engineers and inspectors. Advice was given, but the HOA decided against action because of cost. Now, lawyers for all sides, the family of owners, the HOA, and the engineers & inspectors, will bill many hours pointing the finger at the other sides. The only people who will make money are the lawyers. Horrible situation for the owners who perished.

  • AR15 nut

    The vultures wasted no time in gathering around the victims and families of this tragedy. The courts should set up a class action group for the victims and their families and severely limit the lawyers fees. This is basically an insurance claim involving multiple insurance coverages including but not limited to the HOA policy on the building, The insurance coverage and legal liability of the developer and the city. The courts should sort out who gets what and keep the greasy fingers of these ambulance chasers completely out of the settlements.

  • Constance Peterson

    There are a lot of people who complain we have too many regulations. These is why we need regulations because those in charge don’t care about people just money. They will do any short cuts they can get away with to make more money.

  • J Cali

    This attorney Silva says that people knew the extent of the problems and that the building was crying out foe help all of these years. Did the residents know it was bad and if so why didn’t they move out? Or demand things get fixed? Is this attorney making stuff up? This whole catastrophe is horrific and if anything good can come from it is that it never happens again.

  • Nidia Luccioni

    My Condolences To The Families And My Prayers Are With You May They All Rest In Peace ❤️🌹🦋🌼🌸🌺🌈🎈🎈🦋

  • Sherry Keeney

    There's so many idiots on here I can't take the comment section people that should know better Windy City new the condition of the building in 2018 it was unsafe for human occupancy there who's liable they needed to make people move out of there in 2018 not allow it to go on just because you guys don't know who's liable?? I can't take this stupid comment section come on wake up

  • Chris Chamberlain

    This is such a terrible tragedy . What really get to me is that these peoples lives were just yanked away without any warning. Young children that’ll never have a chance at life because of a failed structure. SMH

  • N

    9/11 was pulling out at least two hundred deceased people a day. you guys take 16 days to take out 80? ‘this is astounding how fast they’re working’. yea astounding was the word i was looking for as well.

  • Br1gHtBVrN

    They should. Americas response is trash and the cities response is trash. Take them for everything they have.

    Disgusting how you guys are trying to identify with the city more than the families.

  • Cherelle Roberts


  • X marks the spot Marksmanship

    These guys are gonna take their super awesome lawyer powers and tear them a new A##hole. FL should have done away with Associations decades ago many of them are just in it for the money, they neglect their properties and then aftet years of tenants complaining about the neglect they come around and paint the front gate and have the audacity to say their working on making things better. A bunch of scam artists and criminals under the label of “home associations”.

  • satatas91

    This is so depressing. I feel so bad for these people and their families. I hope they died instantly and did not suffer.

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