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Arnab Goswami Debates | New York Times Discloses Agenda, Will Fans In India Cheer This On Too?

Arnab Goswami Debates | New York Times discloses agenda, will fans in India cheer this on too?

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  • Rajesh Mandli

    NYT is Just biased even US people Don't believe some of their reports CNN And Wall Street Journal is best international newslet

  • Surya Kumar

    NYT Times, western media fears the rise of Hinduism, the only major religion whose scriptures never prescribed to kill or convert others.

    The other two top religions killed, tortured ~250 million people each to gain the followers they have today. It has been a deadful, shameful journey which today's generation has stared to scrutinize.

    Life is / was never a sin as per Hinduism. The World needs a Hindu nation to understand how blissful, wonderful life on this earth could be.

  • shahani sham


  • RV Charry

    Ny times can't write against china in the Uighur matter and Wuhan virus matter, Hongkong, Tibet, Nepal, Vietnam, srilanka matter but can possible to object indian silly matter because India globally recognised by all the country even American enemies Iran, Russia, venisulaa, Kuba some more countries very close relation with our country due to this reason NY Times degrade our countries image in world but India develop our close relationship with our loving friend Russia, Isreal and France in this matter

  • Katsuki Bakugo

    Isme Sohail ki Galti nhi balki Bharat ki Galti h ki ham khud Burkha Dutt aur Rana Ayubb jese gaddaro ko desh se nhi nikale h

    Yahi sab NYT timese BBC jese akhbaro m India ko badnaam krte h

  • Sanjon

    NY Times may have a enemy of India at its helm of affairs. Sometime back news was circulating, many USA based dailies or journals have Chinese funding. Such media do not require in India to distort news.

  • binod op

    Sanju should not be allowed to debate. Her arguments are rhetorical and based off topic. Every debate at some point rather debating on the topic she attacks people personally nothing to do with the topic at hand

  • milind deshpande

    What about objective and neutral reporting ? And these guys lecture us ! Its simple, just dont give accredition to "journalists" from publications like the NYT.

  • Amanvir Singh

    People in US talk low NYT and know it's a sold media – then why are we giving it importance by talking about some newspaper ..just ignore it.

  • Puja N

    A country where incoming presidents raise their right hand and place the left on a Bible while taking the oath of office, should not be preaching about religious tolerance and multiculturalism to a country which has been home to some of the major religions in the world for centuries!!!

  • Animesh Animesh

    NYT is also reared and patronised by Peteo Dollars. Jihadists are praised by New York Times. Sad and unfortunate.

  • Shekhar Tripathi

    Perverted NYT, no sense of values of democracy only purpose to create hate without any impartial approach to the issues with diverse views. This is not journalism but rank prejudice against a vibrant democracy which is proving to be more mature than America.

  • raghavan gopinath

    You are right about new York post can have their own agenda.
    So does India. It too can have their own agenda.

  • Somnath Bose

    NYT – look no further . The lady from Kolkata (I couldn't get her name) fits your job description in toto . This debate was her interview. She , I think will do an excellent job for you . A veritable venom factory . The american accented desi comes across as more American than the Americans .

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