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US risking to fight wars on four fronts

President Joe Biden signed a $768 billion defense policy bill, which not only gives the military more money for new arms, but also addresses some internal as well as geopolitical issues. Alex Mihailovich reports. Then former Pentagon official Michael Maloof shares his insights. He warns that US may end up fighting several wars simultaneously.

Meanwhile situation in the self-proclaimed republics in eastern Ukraine remain tense, with Kiev regularly shelling the region. RT’s Roman Kosarev reports Then Managing editor at CovertAction Magazine Jeremy Kuzmarov joins Faran Fronczak to discuss the latest escalation in the region.
After a four day break the jury resumed deliberations in Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial. They put in their requests with the judge for office supplies like post-it notes, a white board and highlighters as well as a number of transcripts. Lionel of Lionel Media joins to share his opinion on the matter, as well as talk about other high profile trial of Elizabeth Holmes, accused of fraud.

For the first time in history NASA will test an asteroid deflection technique to protect Earth from being wiped out by knocking the rock off course. It’s a story where science fiction meets reality. RT America’s John Huddy reports.

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  • Avistar

    As an American patriot, I see nothing wrong with increased military spending. Why? Here are my reasons:

    1) Provides jobs for local people.

    2) Maintains our military bases and keeps in check dangerous powers like Russia, China, North Korea. This provides world peace.

    3) We provide democracy and freedom and defend them for other countries.

    4) Our military is a symbol of American pride, such as our aircraft carriers.

    5) Dominance over the world is our right. We are the greatest power the world has ever seen. Exceptionalism. We are just different from all others.

    6) We need to protect oil and trade. We must make sure the middle East supplies the world and not profit over them. It is not theirs.

    7) To prevent the rise of other powers that pose a threat to world security like North Korea.

    8) We must defend the US reserve currency.

    9) To protect our companies which provide jobs for people all over the world.

    10) To protect and import our culture to help other countries. Help them enjoy the fruits of capitalism and consumerism vs the evils of communism.

    11) America is by right the ruler of this world.

    12) Uphold a rule based world order and bring wealth to the world.

    13) Deter any other nuclear power.

    14) Help our European and Saudi allies.

    15) Depose undemocratic governments.

  • Mark C

    Indeed a warmongering country that required so huge military bills but at great cost of unnecessary loss of lives in an unnecessary wars in Vietnam, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and now trying to take on Russia, Iran and China. Good luck to US citizens.

  • Michael L

    America is rotten within. It seems that the US government has become a government of the Military-Industrial Complex, by the Military-Industrial Complex, for the Military-Industrial Complex.
    The more money spends on the military, the less money will spend on the American people. Getting involved in the endless war won't make America great only driving the country into the ground faster.

  • Joe Curmaci

    The problem is most Americans despise this man and at least me for years I tell people all the time do you ever listen to Vladimir Putin speeches for years now we keep sticking our you know what and everybody and we're off the steroids now so we're pretty much old has been

  • Seng Dongma

    setup free Psychological support outpost on the border to help NATO soldiers, and leaders………make a nice design…with cool looking camo….and help the paranoid NATO soldiers……

  • Seng Dongma

    yeah. i guess the most important for Russia is to don't commit the same error. Just keep on going putting the money back into the society, …create jobs, support families with children….than everything will be fine. The US will not attack Russia anyway, simply because they can not. So let them put their missiles where ever they want, and humiliate them with the fact that their fears are eternal….it is the only way to fight America, and the NATO…send free therapist to them on the other side of the border…….free therapist outposts on the border………that is what they need, not guns.

  • Photoextremist

    With all due respect and all that said there is something more important … The most important is THE ISRAEL 911 CONSPIRACY that killed 3000 INNOCENT AMERICANS.
    Yes Yes Yes.. The ENEMY WITHIN
    First…. solve the Israel taking over White House
    Second …. 3.4 Trillion Dollar Covid19 scam
    Third… find the 100 Billion Dollar missing in Covid19 Fraud
    Forth…. Bring stupid Jimmy Carter back and prosecute him over Shah of Iran Scandal that created all the terrorism in Middle East .
    Fifth.. Do not insist NATO to make Ukraine part of itself WW2 agreement .
    list actually goes on …….


    For US defence spending, see: US attack backward countries to plunder their resources spending.
    War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, and the US vaporises families in the Middle East and Africa for humanitarian reasons…
    Yea, sure they do… and pink pigs grow wings and fly.
    Four fronts, you say?… In a war with nuke armed countries, Russia, China, the US would be bombed into the Stone Age.

  • Must be Trippin

    Lionel said it all when he mentioned the fact that they have to have something about commerce in the charges!! The court system is ALL ABOUT MONEY!! It is only about commerce. Without an infringement on commerce there is no case because the courts recieve their authority from the legislative branch which only has power over commerce. Wake up ppl!!

  • TC691 Kiing

    $700 billions builds 600 intel-like most advanced semiconductor fab plants. Creating 1.8 millions new position in total. Pulling in >20 thousands supplier chains and takes 200 years to complete all of them provided 3 plants commissioned annually…

  • Anna Pope

    I'm actually tired of worrying about stocks…it's driving me nuts these days, I think crypto investment is far better than stock.

  • Clinton Ortiz

    So, just the West accelerates conflict? ONLY the West? Never the East? Does the East spend on their military? What new and shiny weapon systems has the East recently developed? Russian and Chinese hypersonic tech, Chinese navy, Russian unmanned warplanes and tanks, laser tech, Satan-2 missiles, secret weapons…the list goes on and on. Both Ukraine and Taiwan are being threatened daily for many more reasons than just they being allied with the West. Think, people.

    Be careful wishing America is removed, because something worse WILL certainly take its place.

  • Mohd Zuhairi Mohd Idris

    Well US will eventually fight a civil war between the States that do not want to be with the warmongers in the White House.

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