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Teen killed in department store shooting

Police in Los Angeles say a stray bullet penetrated a wall before striking and killing a teenager trying on dresses for her birthday. ABC News’ Andrew Dymburt reports.


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  • Rev. M

    Why are the police coming in with long rifles WTF. Maybe the cops should stop carrying guns they clearly can’t control themselves.

  • John Watt

    Look at those cowardly officers leading with a gun, not even saying we have guns and we will shoot.
    They must be returning soldiers who were enlisted after saying they wanted to kill someone with a gun.
    That's so American. Someone is killed but it's not anyones' fault because they were just doing their job.
    The murdered man didn't have a gun. Do I have to say that?

  • R. A.

    Guns = a right
    hEAlthcare = a privilEAge

    You care more about injuring/killing people than treating people.

    …No wonder your country only revolves around money.

  • Samantha Carol

    that is absolutely not a legal shooting !!!!!!! the man was 15 feet away with no gun there was nothing precedenting 3 shots without first announcing something to the suspect, ie “drop your weapon” something like that. you cant just fire a weapon inside a store when you are at no risk of being shot yourself.

  • Blanco white the tattoo artist

    Yes officer need to go to jail Excessive force why didn’t he just pull out a taser he had no gun and he ran away I could off took him Down by my self why use a gun I hope my voice get across the whole world this little girl same age as my daughter I would be Fury aided if this happened to my child bullets don’t have a name when you shooting it reckless And excessively the man and the girl didn’t have to die there could of been another way may they both Rest In Peace this cop should face charges

  • Sidney Martinez

    that's what I don't get you guys have all that f**** military background and you don't know how to f**** handle a situation what the f*** is wrong with you cops

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