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U.S. reaches record high of more than 486,000 new COVID cases amid Omicron surge

Nearly half a million new COVID-19 cases were recorded in the U.S. on Wednesday. That number from the CDC is the highest single-day tally since the start of the pandemic. CBS News correspondent Nancy Chen reports from New York City. Then Dr. Payal Patel, an infectious disease physician at the University of Michigan, joined CBSN’s Elise Preston to discuss the latest on the nation’s health crisis.

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  • Chet Budreau

    Wouldn't be so high if they didnt keep meds that help away from people … it's not getting the third shot it's the first two didn't work lets get another …lmao…

  • Bill York

    CBS. Used video of ICU in Italy. Lie. ABC used the same. Repeatedly. NBC reporter. In a hospital. ( Track the hospital down ) had covid. Admitted he didn't. Is the light bulb starting to get brighter? What will it take. CONTROLLING WHAT PEOPLE THINK IS OUR JOB… MIKA BRZEZINSKI. IT'S ALL BEEN A PACK OF LIES. NUREMBERG. GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH. THERE WILL COME A DAY THEY WON'T BE ABLE TO WALK DOWN THE STREET. G.H.W. BUSH SAID… IF THEY – US, KNEW WHAT THE BUSH FAMILY HAVE DONE, THEY WOULD CHASE US DOWN THE STREET AND LYNCH US. WHO SAYS THAT?

  • take heed

    Here's a novel idea: don't get tested. There used to be a time when we didn't have this obsessive compulsion to put an official label on our cold and flu symptoms.

  • Rie Sykes

    I'm so tired of these reports saying new cases…those numbers are misleading because hospitals bunch it up into 1 category doesnt matter if you have the shot or not along as it involves covid they don't separate the cases that's the number are so large….even the "GOD of Science" Dr. Fraudchi said it himself

  • yank mcruff

    We are so tired of hearing this fake and a very fake news from the dishonest agencies. Even at the beginning when they said the cases were through the roof Americans throughout the country did go to the emergency rooms and we found nothing zero zip zilch nobody was home. They want to proceed with their socialist program by scaring the crap out of the population of the Earth. We've been in and out of stores for two years around people constantly and never got sick. Do with this what you want with this information

  • Zaxtoy

    The sky is falling. People are all getting sick with symptoms that are like a cold or flu. We should all panic and get vaccinated to make sure big pharma makes enough money. It doesn’t matter that your natural immunity is far better. The government needs to gain control of you. Oh my god, just panic. Fear, fear, fear.

  • Patrella Bell

    Covid 19 has IA intelligence 1st it went after the Ederly, 2nd the middle age and 2.5 didn't wait to long to go after the teenagers, 3rd the 12 to 5 years old. Within 5 years it will be a requirement immunization for the babies. Covid 19 is an IA Intelligence covert virus that world has never seen created in a Lab under the watch of gain of function Dr. fauci the man the will get 100 of millions for retirement. While many lost their life. Welcome to the UK, America and Europe Politics.

  • diveunder

    Nice narrative, cases may be up, yet comparing death to this exact date last year were nearly 60% less…Move on with your lives Americans! Happy New Years 🦅🇺🇸

  • Patrella Bell

    Dr. Fauci was in charge, the Ebola breakout HIV and AIDS ECT.. Now Covid and IT'S variants. But they say if he retired he will receive the biggest largest retirement settlement that United States has ever seen. ( What for biological war games? ) PLUS NO JAIL TIME FOR GAIN OF FUNCTION. CREATING THE KICK OFF OF CORONAVIRUS AT THE SAME TIME EVENT 201 CORONAVIRUS EXERCISE SIMULATION BIOLOGICAL WAR GAMES IMPLEMENTATION THAT BROKEN OUT ON THE WHOLE WORLD. WAKE UP WORLD.

  • vijion2020

    Great news. Can't wait to get this variant….HURD IMMUNITY BABY.

    Anyone have Omicron, please come to our party tonight

  • Athletics08

    They are just trying toTo make us think that getting the vaccine is the best idea when it clearly shows that it’s not if they’re saying that it’s at a all time high when half of America has been vaccinated at least five times so yeah use your brain

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