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Prince Andrew: what next after Ghislaine Maxwell guilty verdict? – BBC News

Prince Andrew is facing more scrutiny of his longstanding friendship with Ghislaine Maxwell following her conviction in New York for sex trafficking on behalf of Jeffrey Epstein.

The Prince had a friendship with the couple going back more than 20 years. He invited Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein to Windsor Castle and Sandringham in 2000. They were guests of the Prince at Royal Ascot and spent time at the Queen’s Balmoral estate in Scotland.

Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted sex offender, was found dead in his prison cell in New York in 2019 while himself facing sex trafficking charges.

Prince Andrew is facing a civil legal suit by Virginia Giuffre, formerly Virginia Roberts, who claims she was a victim of sex trafficking by Epstein and that the Prince had sex with her without her consent when she was 17.

The Prince has always strenuously denied the allegations and categorically denies knowing of any improper activities by Epstein or anyone else. His lawyers say the allegations against him by Virginia Giuffre are baseless and motivated by her desire for a “payday at his expense”.

Aleem Maqbool presents BBC News at Ten reporting by royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell.

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  • Eva Grant

    Andrew is in a MESS!
    He needs to have his day in court
    and explain his connection to
    Epstein and Maxwell under tough
    cross examination
    Problem is if Andrew testifies and takes a hit, what happens to the others who had dealings with Epstein?????
    No way Buckinham Palace is going to allow that,
    BUT doing nothing is not an option either
    Makes royals look really bad

  • Stephen Boulton

    There is a paedo within the royal family.
    They are shielding him.
    Any normal person would be arrested and questioned
    1 rule for them 1 for us

  • Shu

    The Royal Family is so disgusting. Falsly claiming she is after a payday when he clearly preyed upon her as a child. Trying to save your own rapist skin by slandering your victim. I hope they bury him under the prison and anybody who helped him cover it up

  • matt lindsay

    Tuned into BBC Breakfast at 7:00am to hear about the Verdict quite a Detailed Report, Cut to the Legal Representative of 20 Women who did Not appear in Court. AMAZED with her Comment "Jeffery Epstein who took his Life or Was Murdered!" Although its what I Believed on Initially Hearing of Epstein's Convenient Death, It was The 1st Time I have herd This On TV, Timely, for All His Shady Friends, Prince Andrew, Donald Trump to Name a Few….

    As For Prince Andrew The Fall from Grace, Disgraced, Clown Prince…..I Understand His Reassuringly High Priced Lawyers are Attempting to Get The Forthcoming Civil Case Brought by VIRGINIA Roberts Giuffre, due to be herd nest week, Thrown Out of Court as VIRGINIA Roberts Giuffre Now Lives In Perth Western Australia, Justice will Find You Wherever you Are Sir !

    Perhaps we Need to Look back in History, Ex President Bill Clinton Who Never Had Sexual Relations with Ms. Monica Lewinsky ?

    Minister for War John Profumo, Strenuously Denied Any Impropriety. with Ms. Christine Keeler ?

    Time to Tell The Truth Now Prince Andrew…..There Is No Hiding Place…..We All Know What Happened…..And The Truth Will Out !

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