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Top U.S. general feared Trump would attempt coup after election loss, book says

A new book says General Mark Milley, the nation’s top military officer, feared that President Trump would attempt a coup to stay in office. Kris Van Cleave has more.

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  • L W

    The election was full on rigged ! No way possible Biden got more votes than anyone in history ! Biden is the big lie .

  • John Quarter

    Oh, I think that is the treason General. Hmmm…I wonder who is pulling his strings. He must be getting paid some cash to become the new Benedict Arnold.

  • TJ Trantham

    I now know you are no reporter you used to be but now you are like all the rest so bias your not even a reporter so i guess you and gail will one the days be fighter for the top spot on dancing with the stars

  • Vote em Out

    What a Fraud China Joe is – 2022 The Treasonous Blue will fail – BLM = BIDEN LOSES MEANING – DEMS = Dirty Elections Made Simple – DNC = Democrats Now Communists – Go W@KE Go BR@KE – US DEMS are now the Socialist party lead by the BLM – with the motto of -By any means with extreme prejudice – They should be wearing Brown Shirts. WOW – The DEMS are so Anti-TRUMP they voted for a brain dead ZOMBIE – and a Marxist Atifia Puppet – WOW – 🗽 VOTE EM OUT 2022 TRUMP2024-2032 🗽

  • David Mauldin

    LaFayette Square… one of many Trump stories the MSM had to walk back, but you hang it out there like it happened according to the original report. I wonder how many of our "top" Generals are Globalist and dream of commanding a world wide military regime? The last thing they want is America first.

  • Edward Giver

    That's the problem with printed media, you can literally write anything without proof. That's why video is so valuable, but even video can be deep-faked now. Virtually everything is unbelievable nowadays.

  • TheReal JonaldTDrump

    Never forget that trump wanted more security and national guard at the capitol on January 6th, and Nancy Pelosi said “no.”

    Never forget, the capitol police who let the protesters into the building.

    Never forget, the chaos that started while trump was still speaking. (Meaning it wasn’t trumps people who started it)

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