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How have dozens died in flooding in Germany? – BBC News

More than fifty people have died and thousands of others have been displaced by extensive flooding in parts of western Germany and Belgium.

In Germany – the most severely affected country – dozens of people are still missing.

The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has called it a catastrophe, linking the events to climate change.

Ros Atkins looks at how the events unfolded and the impact across Europe.


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  • Ani Mcmillan

    God is angry at sin. Repent and turn to Jesus before He comes back in the rapture to rescue those that are ready.

  • Charles L. Moukoko

    This is the proof that shows that human being has destroyed the nature, but the nature has always took over

  • khair Yusuf

    Dreams R Unlimited 💫🌈
    But , Life is Limited ⏰
    Technology🌐 is a good Servent ,
    But , A Bad master' 😻
    Deception of Material world of beauty & muscle & Selevery of wealth 🌟🌐🤑
    Being human is being Natural &
    kind to yourself & his Creations
    Understand purpose of Life & Death & hereafter,✨
    Worship One Creator ☝️
    Not his Creations 🎭🌐
    For a meaningful & successful & purposeful Life 🌠
    Qur'an🌟 is Guidance & only solution for Salvation 💫
    Welwisher @ Spiritual Connection of Monotheism for Tranquillity 💫💞💯🌈

  • Chez Vii

    As a child living in an island affected by cyclones more than half a century ago, we pulled together only by helping each other every time the hand of nature struck our homes down and left our crops ruined. Survival depends on communities helping each other in these very very dark days ahead and please help each other share what you have and prayers for your losses, lost relatives friends neighbours.

  • Buddha Cook

    I hope that my family over there are safe & well. I know quite a few of these towns from my last visit over there.
    Australia ❤️🙏

  • John Daniel Esguerra

    My sincere condolences and prayers 🙏 to the people affected by the flash floods 🇩🇪🇫🇷🇧🇪, from 🇵🇭

  • Edith Komes

    I was just wondering why people would want to live at such a seemingly dangerous location, so close to the river and then realized that from the looks of it some of these towns that are now badly effected are over 1500 years old. And naturally in the middle ages it made perfect sense to build very close to a river. People need water every day and at that time every drop of water had to be carried in wooden buckets from the river, so you wanted to be as close as possible to the river. Some of the little villages that are now badly hit have houses that look like they were build in the middle ages.
    And of course no one who lives in a little town that has been around for such a long time expects a tiny river to turn into a wild stream within a few hours.

  • Amber Awen

    0:51 …. "You can imagine this sort of thing happening in Asia but not here"…. Sorry this happened but what a classist, ignorant thing to say.

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