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Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

The ‘Outnumbered’ panel reacts to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez backing pro-defund police mayoral hopeful

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30 thoughts on “Tomi Lahren shreds Democrats' 'dumbest' idea ever”
  1. Tomi u know men will watch listen to u and women will try to look more like u. Be happy with pay check i was a star i married money .foxy spinning one way street .bull.L.O.L CONSERVATIVES JOKES IN CANADA

  2. We deserve law and order. The asswipes that are saying defund them are the ones in that worst city’s. Then want happens when they need officers. Duh

  3. I'm conservative but tomi is an airhead. Nothing original out her mouth just recycled ideas that she can't even elaborate on. If she weren't a young feisty blonde she wouldn't of never gotten so far in media

  4. YOU people in New York City are crazy, if YOU DON'T vote this psycho out of office. Did YOU forget that she stopped Amazon from building a distribution center there, for you New Yorkers. Can you see how hypocritical and psychotic she is?? YOU get what YOU people vote in office.

  5. The boundless watch classically soothe because environment natively pick around a spotless foam. brown, strange lake

  6. So AOC wants to defund the police? Well… What if a guy like me comes crashing through her front door to pay her a visit? Ohhh and what I'm packing I play pretty hard.

  7. Its funny how fox blocks comments when they know their talking points are easy to debunk , this video im not even gonna watch its stupid too justice these people

  8. Crime will go down with CCW. Trust me if CCW becomes legal then a PERP will think twice about robbing you & if your Legal to carry in any state then you should have the right to carry in all 50 states.

  9. Aoc had got to go i hope the people in her district wale up and realize this you know these are not insurgents

  10. The title should be dumb blond shreds intelligence with idiocy. get us some smart representatives/pundits etc please. This is absolutely pathetic and i might have to vote democrat if things dont change.

  11. This is a nightmare here.
    How do the police in Australia deal with the Covid madness.
    Will that happen here?
    Police are beating people up in Australia for going to the park during lockdown.

  12. This is just sad. The fact that we have congressmen that are so far out there , what is becoming of our country

  13. If you think defund the police your dumb 🤦‍♂️ Not all cops are bad those democratic nuts can’t think straight.

  14. Democrats are not the brightest bulb in the bunch we have a people problem not a gun problem

  15. “Defund the Police” while hiring private protection… a lot of irony going on there.

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