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Wednesday, May 25News That Matters

The meaning behind the name Prince Harry, Duchess Meghan gave their daughter l GMA

The couple welcomed their daughter, Lilibet “Lili” Diana, over the weekend.
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  • Miss Katz Life


  • A

    The audacity that the Douch me and Douchebag had! They think their daughter is so important that they should use the queen’s nick name to make more money off of it. This is narcissism at another level.

  • Margaret Lovelock

    They have shown their love for the family, such an unusual but beautiful name. One doesn’t have to have a title with such an important name.

  • Pam Thompson

    For people that hate the spotlight, they sure love it here. Wonder how much they got paid for this one. They both need to go home

  • swallowedinthesea11

    Meghan is so beautiful! She is and always will be my queen even though I'm an American. I would do anything to keep her royal children safe and would sacrifice myself to keep them safe. I hope she will run for POTUS because it's time we need a righteous president.

  • Limbu

    The queen doesnt own the title "Royal" nor the name "Lilibet"..this is how Harry and Megan are going to react if the queen show any concerns against it. That was his reaction when he was banned for merchandizing the title Royal for his foundation. Thats who Harry and Megan are, they do whatever, however and whenever they like.

  • Marie

    first child is named 'Archie' , Prince George's nickname! now the second child is named ’Lilibet' , the Queen’s nickname! Only IF the Queen gave her approval could that be cute. Otherwise, this is a completely Disgraceful "tribute" used only to exploit. Again No photo. they will wait til payday to exploit a photo. please help to FREE Harry and Meghan! Sign the petition for Harry to request that the Queen put the titles in abeyance 😃

  • Ash Mencia

    Harry made his affections to the Queen clear, distingusihing her form the firm. You must be real delusion and blinded by your own racism to think that Lilibet is an apology for calling racism out.

  • Cali Kiwi

    What a crock. Shaking up the RF?? The name is the Sussex’s smacking the Queen again by putting her most private personal thing out into the public.

  • Heather Godsmark

    If they feel they went too far then they need to announce that, a full apology just like they announced all of the lies.

  • Gretchen Wenzel

    It is so irritating listening to people with the same mentality at Robert Jobson making assumptions that the couple are so shallow as to have chosen a name for their daughter to make amends with the queen. Especially after they have clearly shown themselves to be independent, make their own choices in THEIR BEST INTEREST while still trying to be respectful to the royal family. Clearly this guy and those that think like him haven’t seemed to been able to process the memo quite yet. Harry and Megan do not march to the beat of anyone else’s drum, but their own. God bless them for having the courage with so much pressure and just doing what is right for themselves and ultimately everyone else.

  • Marilyn Farley

    Harry & Meghan is not using this to say sorry. They both said they were treated well by the Queen & her late husband. It’s a great tribute to Harry’s mum, the Queen & Doria. Lili is a flower. This was Meghan’s nickname her mum called her. The media is in a frenzy because they were not privy to the great news until H&M said so.

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