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Wednesday, May 25News That Matters

This Taiwan photo op has China furious with US (full show)

Chinese officials are angry with the US and they’re filing a formal complaint. The reason for the complaint is that three US senators, Democratic senators Tammy Duckworth and Christopher Coons and Republican Dan Sullivan met with senior Taiwanese officials during a bipartisan trip to express their support for the island. China is also angry that the US has pledged to give Taiwan 750,000 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine. RT America’s Alex Mihailovich has the details, then geopolitical strategist, John Sitilides gives his analysis. (03:27)

The Department of Justice fought a secret legal battle to obtain the email logs from four New York Times reporters, according to the paper, apparently in a hunt for their sources. RT America’s John Huddy brings us the story. Then former New York Times reporter and host of On Contact, Chris Hedges, weighs in. (10:57)

Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos and his brother are going to space. Bezos announced he will fly on the first passenger flight of his company Blue Origin and that his brother will be traveling with him. The flight is set to take place July 20th, just 15 day after he is to resign as CEO of Amazon. RT Americas Trinity Chavez has the details. Then Rick Tumlinson, founder of SpaceFund, and professor Aaron Pagel at DePaul University join to discuss what this voyage will mean for the space sector. (18:52)

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03:27 Taiwan and China latest
10:57 DOJ spying journalist
18:57 Bezos is going to space
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  • Juzza1

    The US failed to succeed in HK, they are grasping at straws with regards to Xinjiang to the point that they have to resort to an “independent Uighur Tribunal” to try and salvage whatever face they have left. Now they are all in with Taiwan. I say good luck to them. China is no longer a country they can dominate and Taiwan is the ‘red line’ that can never be crossed.

  • Mott Scottison

    Call me dark, but it is funny how Senator Tammy Duckworth promoting the stuff that blew up her legs. Maybe she's hoping for more people to be more 'equal' as her.

  • Raymond Chan

    America is not keeping his agreement again. When you behave so dishonous like this, you have no right to complain about anybody else. All this dirty tricks are useless. It would only disgrace America itself. Such behavior is only like a scool boy trying to stir up an argument. It would get you nowhere. Shame!!!

  • Mott Scottison

    Legality wise, there's not question about China's sovereignty over Taiwan. Morality wise, in 1949 KMT looted the whole China's treasury clean and moved to Taiwan, so you don't take a whole nation's wealth and claim you have nothing to do with that nation.

  • Paul van Dijck

    The West loves it when a country is poor. Firstly, because it gives them the opportunity to play for Santa Claus (giving 1 dollar and stealing 2). Secondly, they can show off their superiority. BUT…. when the poor country becomes a strong and prosperous one, all of a sudden, like China, it becomes an enemy. The only thing left for The West are accusations of violations of "Human Rights." In the mean time The West has contempt for the "Human Rights" of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Palestine and so on!

  • Mott Scottison

    They are just bunch of salespersons for the US military industrial complex, pushing for one last deal before the inevitable reunification.

  • Charles Brainard

    Expect the U$ govt to honor an agreement?
    Have they ever? It has such a long history of doing the opposite that no one should expect that. For starters, let's look at agreements and treaties made with America's original inhabitants. So, right from the beginning it's failed to do that.

  • Phillip

    XinJiang is 'stale' as there is little or no solid evidence. Tariff … er Trump has left. In order to stir things up a bit, Taiwan is now the talking point.

  • Howe Lau

    Japan exposes 5 more evidences. Now the truth has come to the bottom. The evidence is finally found. It is time to acknowledge China’s innocence. No matter how busy, please take a minute, move your fingers to forward this video to let more Chinese people know.

    The latest research findings from Japan’s Kawasaki Biodata Company:

    The results show that the viruses from Taiwan, US, Japan etc. are independent.

    The new Coronavirus spreading elsewhere in the world is completely different from the virus in Wuhan. It can further prove the stigmatization of China’s virus charges.

    A paper published by a researcher from Japan Kawasaki Biodata Corporation.
    showed, through the analysis of 48 almost complete viral genome sequences the independent introduction of the virus that has now infected Taiwan, US and Japan.

    The widespread Coronavirus in Wuhan is different from other parts of the world. The virus in those areas is not a direct descendant (mutant) of the virus found in Wuhan; that is to say the widespread abroad has nothing to do with Wuhan.
    The paper also specifically emphasizes that the Coronavirus gene found in Chicago in the United States contains two different viral genomes one of which the oldest strain of the Coronavirus was discovered. In other words, the virus in Chicago existed earlier than Wuhan.

    Japan claims the virus at the Hua Nan Seafood Market was imported from other places.

    Then who is the culprit of the rapid spread from the market? There is a ready answer.

    At the beginning, it was said that the virus originated from eating bats, completely misled by domestic pro-American elements.

    Japan has done a research to prove whether the source of the virus is bats. It lists 5 official discoveries.

    1) Although the virus is 96% similar to the Chinese Chrysanthemum bat gene, it does not mean it is the source.

    2) In terms of time and evolution, there is no relevance between the China bat and the Coronavirus.

    3) Shi Zhengli’s scientific paper that claims the virus came from Yunnan bat is different from those researches by other instituition.

    4) To claim that the Chinese Chrysanthemum bat is the source of the virus is to implicate China as the origin

    5) It is impossible for the bat to spread the virus globally.

    Japan has published this report to the world and the truth is completely clarified.

    US has always insisted that the virus originated from China. Chicago in the US is more likely to be the origin of the virus.

    US, let us see your explanation.

    No matter how busy you are, please take a minute to forward to all your groups.

    If no one repost this video, it would be really sad for our country.

    Move your fingers, spread it. Let more people see this video.
    "(PDF) Phylogenetic analyses of the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 reflected the several routes of invasion in Taiwan, the United States, and Japan" https://www.researchgate.net/publication/339398901_Phylogenetic_analyses_of_the_severe_acute_respiratory_syndrome_coronavirus_2_reflected_the_several_routes_of_invasion_in_Taiwan_the_United_States_and_Japan

  • Richard Lumley Smith

    This picture shows how pathetic US Congress is- an official visit to Taiwan to embarass annoy China?. So, USA importing 1 million. TESLA electric cars!. Why are these cars not being built in USA?. Taiwan in the future weill be forced by economic necessity to China China leads the move to create world Parliament Rest of World signing up for this project except USA. If Taiwan is so important why was Biden or Secretary of State for USA not leading this visit?. No, no way – China would never use Tesla and Apple i phones export ban to influence Biden. Why not?. China knows when USA collapses then Nationalism /Colonialism will be history as World Parliament changes the future!.


    America making their own rules, one day they won't be able to make anymore rules, China will rule in the future. Love from NZ

  • Faruq Khan

    What democracy existed in HK before 1997? None. it was completely controlled from London. What a load of obfuscation and bovine excrement is dished out about democracy in HK. HK is part of China and it was CCPs benevolence that it allowed them a bit of autonomy and that autonomy too was for 50 yrs. So it has to fully revert to China anyway in 2047.

  • Faruq Khan

    The US is akin to an 800 lb gorilla in a China shop. Uncouth and belligerent. It needs to be brought to heel in the interest of world peace and tranquility. Greed has no limits.

  • rwksasc

    The US cannot be trusted. Simply because the US does not see this as an issue of trust, but one of maneuvering. The US promised Gorbachev it would not move an inch East, and it sure did.

  • Ann L

    How much these three US senators received for this Taiwan trip, I would estimate at least 50 thousand us$ a head, not bad,not bad at all.

  • Jeweler Tenli

    We must stay honest. China also deals Covid-19 vaccins with the State of Sao Paolo. The Brazilian President was ignored.

  • Seo Kok Ing

    The damage is not in the visit by the senators. The Chinese feel ashamed that a fellow Chinese should stoop so Low in accepting and thanking for the vaccine the US dare not use on its people. This is the worst behaviour to be on display by the Taiwanese government, worst then the scams

  • J O

    Hope usa will not shoot down their own plane with the stupid congress in the plane and blame China to justify their war…..when the plane flew back to usa.omg that will be terrible.

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