The Fix’s Aaron Blake analyzes how some congressional Republicans have tried to spin and explain away the Jan. 6 Capitol attack in the months since. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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10 thoughts on “How Republican rhetoric on the Capitol attack shifted in less than six months”
  1. America was sadly slow in committig to eradicate Herr Hitler, but then we destroyed the monster and all his followers in less than 2 years. It's time for the same with Herr Trump.

  2. Hitler was extremely effective in falsely blaming the 1933 Reichstag fire on "communists." MAGA morons have been less convincing blaming the Capitol assault on "antifa."

  3. These Republicans are dishonorable garbage, the word of Republicans is filth to wipe from your boots

  4. In a real democracy, with a real constitution, these politicans would be tossed into prison on charges of high treason … and the criminal GOP syndicate would be dissolved by the courts.

  5. We know it was wrong, but we are not prepared to do anything about it. Even if it means we are attacking democracy. It doesn't serve us well to do something about it, so let's pretend it never happened.

  6. As a non-partisan voter I have a question on how all this ended up with the riots.

    President Trump was warning his base that if he didn't win,
    then it would be because of fraud for 2 of years before hand.
    The Republicans ignored his warnings?

    Trump Hired Dejoy to run USPS too make sure that mail in ballots are handled
    during that time. Dejoy owns XPO Logistics, a United States Postal Service
    contractor, so he knows the ins and outs of the mailing system (or has
    people working for him that do.)

    There were 75+ million people who voted for Trump, among these were lawyers,
    scholars, business people and lawmakers. After 59 court cases in contested
    Republican controlled states in front of a majority of Republican appointed
    judges (many of them appointed by Trump and McConnell.)
    No one had come forward with enough evidence to show voter fraud.

    About 45% of the Voters are registered Non-partisan and they were about
    evenly split between the 2 canidates. If they had discovered fraud you'd think
    they would screaming about it whether it was Republican or Democrats who did it.
    (I'm personally disgusted by both parties)

    Republicans were claiming that this was going to be the most secure election
    ever. Highest security ever. They even had multiple recounts month after
    the election.

    So let's recap.
    The Republicans spent 2 years preparing for the 2020 elections.
    They had Dejoy preparing USPS to handle mail-in ballots.
    75 million people people who voted Republican cannot prove voter fraud.
    155 million people who voted, not a single one came forward to show proof of fraud
    happened because they disagree with any party committing it.
    Multiple recounts by the Republicans.

    That leaves only 2 possibilities :
    A) There was negligible voter fraud.
    B) The Republican establishment is too incompetent to prove it.

    Did I miss anything?

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