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Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

Following the tragic events of the Robb Elementary mass shooting in Uvalde Texas, a Rt. Texas Ranger says there will be a massive report.

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10 thoughts on “'There will be a massive report': Rt. Texas Ranger following Robb Elementary shooting | NewsNation P”
  1. The Marxist CPS and Globalist government forces parents to put their children into these worthless socialist indoctrinationPedo- camps. Wake the fuck up people!

  2. How does this work? Who is tasked with informing the parents of the children who died? That has to be the most gut wrenching interaction. Those families are forever destroyed. And probably nothing will change. Like after Sandy Hook.

  3. maybe if texas poured massive resources into back ground checks before some body can purchase a fire arm just maybe this would not have happened yeah a massive report that is no comfort to the grieving parents Greg Abbott owns this

  4. Wow! I’m glad they are pouring massive resources into cataloging evidence and writing reports. All the resources in the state to make sure they have the victims names right because they don’t want to say anything wrong. Hey? How the FUCK did this guy make it to the school? Where’s that MASSIVE report.

  5. F …… Gov. Greg Abbott "The cripple in a wheelchair supports the freedom to carry guns on the street" ????

  6. If you guys confronted him before he entered the did he then kill 21 people?

  7. I’m sure a report will bring great comfort to all those grieving and heartbroken families…..

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  9. Hopefully there's a new program that from now on any and all mass shooters will be killed on sight. No taking in for questions no criminal rights, just find the shooter and take them out ASAP. Public schools need better security Locked doors and vetting to anyone entering during class hours. That's what needs to happen, PERIOD. All the gun laws possible would not have stopped this A hole from getting possession of a gun and doing what he did. Animals like him NEED TO KNOW that if they go through with these events they will be met with force and be sent straight to hell with no questions asked.

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