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Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

Asia expert Gordon Chang joined ‘Fox & Friends First’ to discuss the implications of Biden’s gaffes on the world stage. #FoxNews

GORDON CHANG: This is amateur hour at 1600 Pennsylvania, and this actually has real world consequences, largely because the Chinese will look at this and say that the administration is incapable and irresolute. Now, Biden was very clear a couple of days ago when he said, look, the United States will defend Taiwan… There was no ambiguity about that, and now under pressure… You have his subordinates contradicting him. Biden now changing his tune. This really is… bad, and it’s bad not with regard to Taiwan only, its regard with all our defense commitments around the world.

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28 thoughts on “It's amateur-hour at the White House: Chang”
  1. Modi isn't a fool and Biden is and he won't be able to flip India to turn away from Russia.

  2. The WHO and it’s evil plan to steal all the countries Sovereignty…… needs to be stopped…..

  3. Amateur hour at the Whitehouse is EVERYDAY! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  4. All Brics members have publicly backed Russia including India. You really think they would join an anti China initiative without thinking their own pocket? The asean leaders got a pathetic 1.5 billion from biden last week, the Indian have saved and made billions from buying and reselling Russian resources alone, the Chinese control 16% of the upstream water that feeds into India. Please use your head, biden is wasting his time.

  5. Joe Biden politicizes the Texas Tragedy, these senseless killings are happening under his watch continues to divide the nation with his racist rhetoric

  6. India is resentful to the USA because the Biden Government and Pfizer would not release production of the vaccine. India has some of the best medical production factories and yet were denied. The WHO should have insisted that the vaccine be available for production in India. Afterall the research was funded by American tax payers yet Pfizer claim the patent and the royalties.

    Many people died as result without the vaccine due to supply shortages. Their bodies burnt in the streets.

    India will not forget this dispicable behaviour against humanity. Financial greed vs human life.

  7. Remember..when they say world community they mean NATO. You ever seen what Botswana has to say? Peru? Kazakhstan? The world to them is them.

  8. This president is an INCOMPETENT IDIOT!!!
    He would rather our babies go hungry than fix the formula shortage….that speaks volumes. FJB FJB FJB FJB

  9. India just fooling with america and Bretish for benefits. those two countries are basically feeding half of indias population. and india save theirs cash and giving loans to the countries around them. India would never go against Russia or the China. Russia and China are more important to India lot more than America. why politicians dont understand because of they are so weak.

  10. Ummmmm !!!!!! we need are so what called president to make GOOD decisions here back at home WICH IS CALLD THE U.S I mean hello HELOW !!!! 👋


  12. don't to be mistaken, Rusia India and China are very much tied economically, and US sanctions to Russia is just of no interest They don't make philosophy, nor morale arguments, they trade with or without US sanctions. US is NOT the leader of the rest of the world.

  13. China and Russia both have been wringing their hands since the day they announced Biden best Trump. They waited for weakness and will pounce sooner than later.

  14. biden has caused more damage and chaos in america, and the world at large, in one year than what can be repaired in 100 years.

  15. Biden mocks the press because he’s afraid of them. A form of weak bullying to the people who are just there to do their jobs.

  16. Remember all the Democrat news outlets back in January 2020…. “The ADULTS are back in charge of the WH”. Total deuchlebags

  17. If Joe Biden's Cognitive Functioning was as big as his Ego he'd be a Genius ! Corrupt 47 year never been right once Politician!

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