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The new space race is on but will we be part of it? – BBC News

The new race for space is on and the out of this world industry could be worth over $1 trillion in just 20 years.

Extra-planetary entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Richard Branson have some very ambitious goals for the future of space travel. But will be part of it?

The BBC’s Aaron Heslehurst explains.


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  • Surya Naray

    Honble UPA Chairperson Smt Soniagandhi madum please fight for to implement Ballot Paper voting system in next MP elections in 2024and to save democracy in india and public opinion in favour of Ballot Paper voting system and right to vote is fundamental right.public opinion is foundation of democracy

  • Robert Skolimowski

    This is pathetic… Don't get me wrong though, I do appreciate progress, it's great, but how about we try to align a little bit space exploration innovations with solving real life problems for the most vulnerable?

  • Juan Fe Peña Rivera

    you have salvation and eternal life believing in Jesus Christ read in the bible Romans 10: 9 and 10, John 3: 15 to 18

  • G Banks

    Well space travel is a costly thing and unless people on earth are able to achieve the economic state to be able to fly to space this will only be limited to a closely knit group of people. Also the damage to the Earth’s atmosphere will be greatly increased. This idea prompts me to think that humans are not meant to be on earth like planets as we are parasites to such planets where ever we go. We go against what nature has ordained for living things. We go off balance all the time and that will be the reason why one day humans will perish sooner than any creature on earth. Dinosaurs survived for almost three hundred millions years on earth. Humans are almost at the edge within forty thousand years.

  • jie li

    who cares America dead 60 thousands people or 1 million people? who cares? did u think government cares your dead? u could trying dead ask government how to cares!

  • Jane Burke

    No because we are paying for India to go with aid money😂 plus we are going to be 3 rd word country with you the woke devils

  • Prahalad Jii

    You are disseminating the debris…
    Really you people are uncivilised and destroying not only Our EARTH but space too…pls save it ….pls

  • Fresh Asimis

    Going into space looking for life because they know the world will one day end.Its already written in the Bible predicted before men predicted.No one will escape the wrath of God.Just pray to God and use all that wisdom and that money here on earth to help people who really need it.
    God is great

  • Yanik Kunitsin

    Space debrie? Look up Musk's "starlink" – 1200 in orbit and 42000 planned. I can't take proper astro photo without one of this duckers ruining it.

  • lol

    the fact that people are talking about this as if its actually feasible is funny 💀 nobody is about to go to another planet anytime soon

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