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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 17th, 2021

Indoor mask mandates to be reinstated in Los Angeles, Covid cases reported in Olympic village, and deadly flooding hits western Europe.
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  • Linda Snowden

    This flooding will be coming along the coast of the Atlantic ocean, the Chesapeake Bay and other towns on the rivers and inlets also. Our future hurricane storms this year, they aren't going to be entering around Texas, Louisiana, and Florida, they will be entering along Atlantic Ocean pulling the water into the bays and rivers. We'll be following this pattern in our 2021 year. Homes residing along these waterways, bays, rivers, and creeks, the winds will bring in surges of water farther inward than they ever has been before. Look out Virginia, Maryland( especially the Chesapeake Bay) Delaware, New Jersey, and New York, these new weather patterns are yours this year.

  • Rachel

    So over 300,000 dreamers are Doctors and we kick them out of America AFTER they risked their lives taking care of American ppl during covid🤯🤢🤬 Wtf is wrong with republicans🤢🤮😡🤬 They DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU!!!!

  • Ryan Roberts

    LOL! Doesn't matter who the president is Facebook still can't handle the truth. They seem to have a sore butt….

  • Chad Conant

    You mean people aren't lining up for an experimental vaccine under emergency approval? Is that fake news, or did the FDA fully approve it? Did we find out where CoviD-19 came from, or are we just going to be left in the dark about the origins of a virus that completely changed the world?

  • Ngo Hanh Phuong

    The ill-informed voyage longitudinally scrape because license preauricularly love beneath a chubby rabbit. incompetent, forgetful semicolon

  • Shan Shan's Enlightment

    Good for California.. I am glad Newsome trying..The rise in cases was expected due to the holidays. So Governors just turn the other cheek and stripe what they can from their citizen's like all Republicans states cutting unemployment..Its all part of the plan. Open states 100% and loosen restrictions and make sure it spreads. I mean hay did u see any U.S areas closing borders? Knowing that the Delta variant was on the way. NO!! so its all expected.. I am tired of people trying to point the finger to the unvaccinated its B S. Vaccinated can still catch and spread the virus but who talking about that ? Nobody..Now everybody needs to wear a mask no matter your vaccination status. Why is that??? Its hard to pull back restrictions when you so far in.. States know what they got to do, atleast Gov Newsome trying to implement something..

  • Randall Trantham

    Hey "dreamerz" you need a new sign; the raised fist has been exploited. We should mount a contest for a new sign. Bronx cheer, one-finger-salute (though it is certainly being invoked). JMO

  • Grey Hound

    I’m wondering is the young man that snatched the kid a victim who have been kidnapped and if helping his capture, or are both of them monsters

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