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Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

Rep. Jared Golden of Maine and others speak out; analysis from ‘The Five’ #thefive #foxnews

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27 thoughts on “'The Five' react to Biden worrying Democrats with bad polling”
  1. Your going down a road that people die – look at the virus. You’ve been infected – by a man. And you will surely die for him. But he won’t. He’s got security. Do you?

  2. The Dem's communist party in our government in place but the Democratic voting are not all evil just the Dems representative in office

  3. It would be worse. Democrats haven't kept their promises yet thank to senators who care more about their money than poor people starving.

  4. Yeah top changes starting with Biden, Harris, Pelosi, waters, Brother humper omar, aoc crappy bush , and the remainder of the socialist/ communist democrat squad , then its build back better ,, congratulations President Trump 2024 and the red wave in 2022

  5. Get this: It's still not a crime to fire a gun in celebration indiscriminately throughout Missouri. So you'd think passing a measure to outlaw that horrible practice would be a piece of cake, right? Think again

  6. If you program the voting machines, and fund most of the media without accountability, I don't think the democrats are too worried.

  7. What are they worried about? They're just going to "fortify" another election with the media, and mass-harvest mail-in ballots. The DNC doesn't have to worry about campaigning ever again.

  8. Here’s what I find funny: If you people think you have an armed rebellion- think twice. The rest of us have been watching you and have you out gunned. I get your life sucks. But don’t try this again. Last and first warning.

  9. This is why it is crucial that they don't pass the BBB agenda. If the democrats get access to 8 trillion dollars, in 11&1/2 months they can make millions and millions of people forget all about 2021! I promise, I don't care how bad people want a red wave in Nov. 22 … If they get that money, you will never see it!

  10. Biden doesn't know jack squat about running a country, you need to run it like a business, If the economy & security of the country is good… then you can try to put out some personal agendas. However if the economy gets worse including the security of this country… then its time to either vote the leader out and find a new leader with a better vision for this country whose values align with most of America. Sleepy Joe Biden is by far the worst president that those who voted for him put into power, Trump for all the scandals, allegations, and constant attacks against him was a stronger president then Biden, hell even Obama who before Joe was considered the worst president before Joe Biden, is now considered a better President then Biden. After his term, Joe Biden should just retire and not run for re-election, b/c if he does he will get embarrassed by his opponents, whom ever they may be.

  11. I thought we were told in 2020 that the polls were “fake”. I guess when they favor the opposition, they are fake and when they favor you, they are real.

  12. Joe has a party (the DemonRat/RepubliCon Party) that will do what is necessary to win. Can anyone say Steal. How about saying Covid. How about destroying a few more cities. The press will press the buttons that the DemonRatic party wants.

  13. Did the girl in pink just say Biden is having trouble getting the Build Back Better program across the finish line?!!!! Hell, he hasn't even gotten it across the starting line!

  14. Look at our president today and you still want to support the Democrats? You must be an beyond stupid brainwashed twisted idiot!

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