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Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

Weapons specialist and veteran Hollywood armorer Thell Reed said his daughter, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, had “been raised around gun safety since she was a little girl.”

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24 thoughts on “Father of 'Rust' armorer defends daughter after fatal on-set shooting l GMA”
  1. Why hasn't Good Morning America covered one bit of the Jussie Smollett Trial? They covered it immediately before they even knew it to be true or verified?

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  3. She should of NEVER been in charge of guns! If she was uncomfortable handling both jobs she should’ve said so!

  4. See the single left shoulder shrug when he says "she knows what to do as well as I do?"

    Means he has no confidence whatsoever in what he just said.

    The armorer is probably going to take the fall for this, despite many people sharing responsibility.

  5. The father said “there was a lot of motives” then cut him off. He should’ve explained what “a lot of motives” are

  6. Why hasn’t George Stephanopolis been called out in the media for the incredibly self-serving interview that he did for his long time Hamptons pal, Alec Baldwin?

  7. To add more confusion when each time he pulled the hammer back the chambers are rotating. Who could have known that the director wanted to have Alec pull the hammer back and how many times did he do it. Something I just thought of.

  8. There is No Way, Anybody, with Any kind of Firearms experience could Accidently, or unknowingly Load a Live Roundinto a gun unintentionally a live round doesn't even
    feel the same as a Dummy round. She did not do this. But. The live rounds should
    have been far away from the Set. I can see that they needed the live rounds for
    training. But they should have not been on set. This will hurt her. But. She did not
    put that bullet in that Gun. But. Someone did. In fact to be honest? Sabotage is
    looking like a plausible exlainaition. But. The Gun was in the hands of Alec Baldwin.
    The Shooter. Not Hanna.

  9. Everyone on that set was hired by Alec Baldwin. So no matter who you point fingers at they all point back to Baldwin

  10. I am no fan of Alec but the one in charge of props is definitely the one responsible for this mess. Alec's involvement has more to do with him being the head of the whole thing but to say that he is a killer is reaching.

  11. At the end of the day, many should be indicted. If Baldwin walks because he "is a star", that would be a HORRIBLE miscarriage of justice.

  12. Where did the live round come from and how did it get in the gun. The armorer is responsible for loading the gun. Did she look at the bullets before she put them in the gun? Does she know the difference between a live and blank round? I am sure you can see the difference before loading the bullets.

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