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State of emergency in Kazakhstan as President appeals to Russia for help – BBC News

A state of emergency has been declared in Kazakhstan where protests sparked by rising fuel prices have widened into unrest over corruption and authoritarian rule.

In the country’s largest city, Almaty, demonstrators seized the airport and stormed government buildings.

President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has sacked his government and said there will be a tough response to the protests. He’s appealed to Russia for help.

Clive Myrie presents BBC News at Ten reporting by diplomatic correspondent Paul Adams.

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  • Vitaliy Saffatel

    What an idiot you have to be to legalize the Russian occupation yourself with your own hands. Is this president's middle name Boris? Probably, Mr. Tokayev does not know that the one who owes Putin, regardless of the payment of the debt, ends up in his personal political harem and will never decide anything for himself. It's like a Cosa Nostra. Although, before spreading his legs in front of Vlad, although he asked his girlfriends (Assad, Lukashenko, Touadera (President of the Central African Republic)), what is he like in bed? What poses and toys does he prefer? And people really feel sorry for them. Now, at best, Kazakhstan will receive a Moscow puppet as ruler, and at worst, it will lose territory or even statehood itself.


    Казак туугандар тынч,аман болгула,тынччылык болсун. Полиция, аскер да силердин балдарынар, өрттөнгөн мал мүлк да

  • zhou

    What will be changed if the protesters gain the power? Nothing or something getting worse? The political transformation in the Middle East only led to the collapse of local economy, millions of refugees, religious extremists and even terrorists. Inequality is not solved in these countries, even not solved in US and France, leading people in these countries to protest on the street. Yes, corruption is existed in many developing countries, but it can not be easily removed without considering their economic status right now. It cost a lot to maintain such a perfect political system in these countries. However, protests sometimes do motivate the government to reform existing policies, but it is not always worked, depending on the request, the leader of the protesters, and even the acceptance of some powerful leaders within the existing system. You will not gain some real support if you just against every inequality.

  • Hair sniffing advisor to President Joe Biden

    Let's hope this doesn't turn out to be another Syria situation – where Russia backs the government, USA backs the protesters; and war.

  • Nguyen Tran

    Fuck the governments around the world. They serving themself and a small group. They are not serving people. It time to use crypto for our daily trade! Fuck all the fiats! Crypto is the future of human finance.

  • Gina2190

    Every country needs to go for it at once .
    It’s a new world order in every country, no good just one place
    Going for it , we all need to stand our ground.
    Every country needs to think about the fact soon there will be no
    Freedom at all.
    Non compliance on masks and no one take these evil jabs.

  • 80s Mike

    Usa trying to install a NATO government to de stabilization china and Russia, which shall eventually lead to war and death, which USA shall profit off, just like they did in Ukraine, middle east, south America, Vietnam

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