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Prosecutor who opposed COVID vaccine mandates dies after contracting virus

A deputy district attorney in Southern California’s Orange County died of complications from COVID-19. Kelly Ernby was a vocal critic of vaccine and mask orders. Sara Donchey of CBS Los Angeles reports.

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  • James Oliver

    Just another way to get people to get the jab, she was outspoken about not getting the jab, she had a following that some people didn't want her in the headlines misguiding the public away from the agenda, so they took her, and on top of that they called it Covid, bunch of devils, she was murdered ppl wake up! Don't fall for the propaganda

  • fturla ___

    When you make one dumb mistake, there's usually no problem. But if you make a series of bad and dumb decisions, then there is no help, assistance, nor divine intervention that will stop what is coming. Do you honestly think that if a politician simply decided not to go someplace that only that decision would have kept them safe? No, because you already decided that situations like that was something you wanted to continually face, and everyone knows it's just a matter of time.

  • JPC

    Prosecuting people that polluted the environment was her job. What about the people that were not vaccinated and killing others??Did she go after them? And herself (if she wasn't vaccinated)? Sounds so ironic would you say? Well I do feel for her family. But I HOPE they got vaccinated, if not maybe you should?

  • Aztec 21

    Another one bites the dust! Another one bites the dust. And another down and another down, another one bites the dust, hey when are they gonna learn with everyone biting the dust?

  • philosopherbytes

    Fully vaccinated and also fully against fascist government coercion here. Don't let their propaganda fool you into thinking this is a black and white issue.

  • Paul Figueroa

    Key word is complications. Why aren't these complications specified? I would need to have way more information on whT exactly happened before drawing any conclusions. I mean cmon would you just inject yourself with something without knowing exactly what's in it or if it's safe or even effective? I mean what kind of brainless person would do that…… oh wait….. nvm.

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