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Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

A lieutenant colonial at the US Space Force was recently “relieved of his duties” after criticizing Marxism and critical race theory on a podcast, where he appeared as a guest to promote his new self-published book. While Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier has not been discharged from the Armed Forces, he has been removed from his leadership position amid an internal probe as to whether or not his speech constituted partisan political activity, which is prohibited while serving. The host of said podcast, conservative radio talker Steve Gruber, weighs in.

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28 thoughts on “Space force officer ousted after criticizing 'Marxist' military during podcast”
  1. Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier might have missed another thing when he signed up to the Military.

    ALL the world's military are intrinsicly Communist.
    Because you do NOT own the clothes on your back and have to follow orders to a teeth.
    Stalin himself couldn't have set it up more communist than that.

  2. Wtf do you mean we inherited slavery from the British and the French and others? Are you an Idiot??? *anglo's, are the British, and the French, and the other Europeans.*

    Are you claiming to be African, or the founders of this nation African?….If not, than your ancestors, the founders of what's now called America, are the implementers of Chattel Slavery!!

  3. F him and your BS views on what is *MARXIST*

    *NEWSFLASH* Corporate Welfare, (That is when our U.S. government gives unheard of tax breaks & loopholes to corporations that oftentimes amount to them paying zero in taxes) Is ALSO MARXIST!!

    Where's the outrage in that??

    I'll wait……..

  4. Division comes from within per any organization.

    If you fail to address the assault committed against women, minorities in your ranks, you've divided those sub-groups from the main group. Similar to if the church fails to address sexual assault committed by their priests, they will have divided the victims and sympathizers sub-group from the main church group.

    Extrapolate this to any organization/administration. Which are not inherently good, but only defined as "good" per their tribal actions.

  5. Obviously this guy has no idea what Marxist is. Marx developed an economic theory, and it has nothing to do with "wokeness", identity politics or racism. Such ignorance grates.

  6. T•H•A•N•K•S – F•O•R – W• A• T• C• H•I•N•G
    C•O•N•T•A•C•T – M•Y – T.R.A.D.E.R – V•I•A – W•H•A• T•S•A•P•P F•O•R T.R.AD.I.N.G- A•N•D C•R•Y•P•T•O•C•U•R•R•E•N•C•Y C.O.U.N.S.E.L.L.I.N.G _~

    ‪+1• (•4•0•9•) 2•0•5•‑•1•5•2•2‬•% $ + • • :;

  7. Let's be clear here, we can pretty much identify a person ideology, by their actions and linguistics.
    For example, when a pro palestinian activist starts using words like ´´apartheid“ or ´´systemic racism“, i immediately realize that they come from the Black Lives Matter la la land.
    In a similar way, when someone uses the word ´´Marxist“, to describe everything that they don't like, i immediately realize that they come from FOX News and Newsmax.
    For them, everything is ´´marxism“, murder, kidnaping, rape, everything is ´´marxism“…
    Let's also not forget that, Space force was created by Donald Trump, there for, that branch of the armed forces is most likely to be infected to the core, by the ´´Stop the Steal“ lunatics.

  8. No one thinks their is evil, that's the problem. Not recognizing the evil your country does, has done and seems destined to continue to do so. Why or why do we still support Israel and Saudi Arabia but are deeply incompadible to basic Democratic and constitutional principles. Such as real authentic defensive actions that proportional to any attack. Also not creating the conditions of said actions in a close policy loop. Along the same vein, helping Saudi Arabia oppress it's people and commit genocide in Yemen. Again no thinks their country evil, that's how evil countries florish.

  9. When Marx talked about races? How stupid are you people? The only difference that Marx pointed out is the CLASS. Not the F……. color or Race or Ethnicity. In order to talk about Marx you need first of all to read Marx. The whole book, not just A FEW summaries.

  10. Goal of democracy is everyone having equal wealth and equal control.
    Goal of capitalism is an intelligence dictatorship with those most intelligent having all control.

  11. Time lapse 2:22 👉📣 Now I'm wondering when they talk about a freedom ( A nation of a free market and free people ) they are talking about only for themselves not for any other nation on the planet to get this licence to be free from them 😊

  12. Bro!! America is only free on paper! Not real life. To all those people in the world that as never bin are born in America shut the F*** up

  13. is he trying to blame slavery on british and spanish,,? yes you DID have slavery you zionist yank ,,,

  14. Space Force… Yeah we all grew up wanting to be Apollo or Starbuck… doesn't make it a good idea FFS

  15. What does marxism has to do with a military organisation.

    Am like watching hitler parody while speaking german

  16. Why youtube under this video is telling me that;
    "RT is funded in whole or in part by the Russian government. ➡️ Wikipedia" ?

  17. Divide and conquer – and distract people from what's really going on and what the real conflict is

  18. The amount of people who refer to communism or Marxism without any idea of what they mean is too damn high…

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