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Tuesday, May 24News That Matters

Driver allegedly sleeps on the highway in self-driving Tesla

Police say it’s not the first time. ABC’s Andrew Dymburt has the details.


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  • Blacks WakingUP!

    Let’s get hhis right Lame Stream Democrat owned media has Pundits telling us that Voting machines by dominion can’t be hacked!!! Really? But a multi billion dollar corporation Can Be Hacked! Come on MSN! Let’ g thy he Cyber Ninjas prove these Mental Midgets wrong! We All know corruption took place! They are Running Scared to Death! Some are packing to leave the country! Voter Manipulation is a felony! Jail time

  • RJ 8U

    I see worst people in the freeways putting make up, texting and watching show in their cell phone 🙈. I do see those people making headlines 💩.

  • Duston Bohannan

    What's the point of autopilot if your hands are supposed to stay on the wheel? That's called driving not autopilot.

  • Calvin NDallas

    Pilots have been known to sleep on airplanes so I'm not sure what makes people think it won't be happening in a self-driving car. Guess who will be operating the vehicles when the bars close.

  • Fred Gervin M.P.

    So this was his third time asleep at the wheel and he got a "inattentive driving" ticket.
    Wait until he goes flying into a school bus stop.
    A half a dozen dead kids would not make these ppl think twice, idiots !

  • A Les

    Tesla sucks. Hate that feature cause all these people here in Cali use that feature And it’s annoying when u driving and they holding up the fucking traffic here. Like move bitch get out the way lol

  • Who spilled My beans

    Imagine being born rich in life and then youre so lazy and pathetic you refuse to drive your expensive car and die?

  • Matthew Walton

    Dude's making the most of his time, good for him. 👍 Also, why the hell would anyone worry about him "speeding"? The highway's empty! 🤷‍♂️

  • ChristianGuy

    Auto pilot is make you can sleep anyways , dont blame the person. F s d would be useless If not use for this.

  • Mark W

    Aint no cure for stupidty. It's DRIVER ASSISTANCE, not REPLACEMENT DRIVER. It's your responsibility to keep an eye on the road.

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