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Some Democrats have expressed support for voter IDs. Here’s why it’s more nuanced.

While both Democrats and Republicans advocate for some form of identification to vote, the parties differ on how inclusive or restrictive this requirement should be. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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  • Bobbie Robinson

    It's hard but can be done. It's not like they have 3 days to get it.
    Get busy and call about a new social security card.

  • Cheryl Phelan

    Obviously Democrats don’t think Black people are capable of doing the same things white people are capable of doing.

  • StonyJoe

    It's not nuanced at all, it's just that MSM and the loudest parts of the left claim it's racist every time it's brought up. The only nuance here is WaPo attempting to spin it's way out of previous claims, kind of like how joe got Psaki to claim it was Republicans that were pushing "Defund the Police."

  • jeff woods

    Because you need to prove you are a legal American citizen to vote. It's the right of Americans. Not just whoever comes across our borders. Owning guns is a right and yet people have to Register them in most countries

  • Kiki The Great

    It’s just common sense to require an ID to vote. I find it very suspicious that Democrat politicians want it to be easier to vote then to buy a beer. We need to protect against cheating, otherwise our votes are meaningless.

  • 4cyl Freak

    every states DMV should make it free to attain a State ID to lessen the burden on anyone trying to vote or otherwise be identified. It’s common sense that everyone of legal age should always have a way to identify themselves. If they want to hide from the government in some way and not identify themselves then why should they be able to have a hand in changing an outcome by voting. Once you have a valid ID you can then apply to have legitimate mail-in ballots sent to your address… Makes sense to make a small effort i think.

  • bigdaddycros

    Democrats should be canceled, for constantly saying, black, brown & lower income people. Aren’t smart enough to have or need ID’s, coping machines, can’t figure out how to get to voting precincts or use transportation, etc. So demeaning.

  • Ed Reeder

    People have no trouble giving id to get goverment handouts, getting driver license, why the problem with voting,
    Only in the Democrat world.

  • Professor DoNut

    im a Democrat and since both sides have been complaining about voting fraud I have no issue getting a ID if it helps … or any other kind of proof …besides our communities are pretty good at helping us out just in case we aint smart enough to apply for ID

  • Ralph Wheland

    The bottom line is it doesn't make it any harder to have voter ID!!!!!!! Everyone has a Picture ID !!!!!! No this about the Left trying to rig the vote and steal another F ing ELECTION!!!!!!!! This time the Republicans will not let the commie bastards steal it!!!!!!!

  • benny ruff

    Need a ID to almost do anything in the United States but voting just makes it too hard??? How??? I had a ID at the age of 14 to start looking for a job. They sent off 1400 dollar checks to everyone and they can't spend 20 dollars at a DMV to get an ID… SMH

  • JR

    Strict law lol not a single country in the world let's anyone vote without ism that includes African countries where you get eaten by a lion in line

  • FoCo 6.5

    "Some Democrats have expressed support for voter IDs. Here's why you don't understand and we're going to tell you what to think." – Fixed to what you meant to say.

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