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Simone Biles press conference after withdrawing from women's gymnastics team final | USA TODAY

Simone Biles withdrew from the team competition after struggling on vault, ending whatever chance the U.S. women had to win their third consecutive Olympic title. They finished with silver, the first time since the 2010 world championships that the Americans did not win the team title at a worlds or Olympics.

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  • Robin Renee Whitehead - Thompson

    Ok I get it now, why she stepped down and I'm still proud of her and all the team members who did an outstanding job!

  • Falk Mathes

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  • PLEB

    I’d hate to be the guy in charge of ratings for the olympics rn 😂😂😂🇺🇸🧂🧂🧂 in trumps voice – ur fired

  • bradd hatter

    She quit on her team because it wasnt looking so good for her after the first routine 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Caleb Lally

    If this was a man who pulled out of an event I garuntee everyone would be ripping on him but coz it's a woman it's ok. Men just built different

  • Chris

    Hate me for saying it, but Simone Biles should not have been at this interview. Being in a mental crisis is no joke, and I find it both insulting and offensive for her to be sitting next to her teammates, who she made carry all of her stress and anxiety, yet still persevered, giving an interview when she didn't compete. The three women who defied odds should be the focus, not the one who quit.

    Just as she should pull herself from the individual competition and fly back home to see a therapist. Mental health issues of that magnitude do not go away over night, a day, a week, or a month. If it's too much, it's too much. But something tells me we'll be seeing her perform just fine even though everyone is expecting more from her when she's by herself, including a brand new YDP.

    I'm actually a mental health advocate. I'm not a pat-on-the-back kind-of-person. That's how you wake up the next morning to find out that someone has killed themselves. If she's truly in the middle of a mental crisis, she needed to leave that situation immediately. Instead, she kept herself in the environment causing her distress, and refuses to remove herself to actually work on it.

  • False Email

    She quit, plain & simple and using MENTAL HEALTH as an excuse is INSULTING to family victims of Mental Health. Biles & Osaki are VULGAR – my brother committed suicide, so I kinda know the difference between these prima donnas, & should be SHAMED for crying wolf BOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Mack Jay

    Terrible team mate. Sounds to me like she quit on them when it counts. I was a huge fan but if I hear another women say mental health is why she cant do what she was trained to do and signed up for. Bruh I saw two shootings infront of me last week brains all over the bus shelter. I'm still going to work today. Flashbacks and all. Weak ass generation cant mention my grandparents out their privileged mouth.

  • Brandon Lower

    WOW! How do you go this far and give up???You’re the “best” in the world!!! You lead by example!!!! You left your “team” out for dry 😐. Team players would NEVER EVER think about that selfish BS! WHY DIDNT YOU STAY HOMEM! JUST WHY!!!! You do realize there will be an *️⃣What a horrible example for anyone coming up in the sport, especially my nephews!!!!!!!! You made a horrible example the US, YOUR TEAM!, and everyone worldwide

  • Lilpoet Bird

    I believe that she messed up and as a result decided to quit instead of finishing and not being number one in every aspect of her sport "gymnastics" . Her ego caused her to become a quitter. Some people always want to be number one all of the time and that's their niche. Too much pride in being the "Goat" to be second. Then everyone is babying her saying "mental health " 😭😭😭🤣 lordy lord all of these generation z babies and their mental health issues. She was perfectly fine when she aced all of her routines prior to showtime. Then she messes up and boom "I am gonna withdraw for the team" lol

  • M. W.

    This is an amazing American 🇺🇸 group of extraordinary gymnast. It was touching to hear the consensus of gratitude and respect to the “captain” Simone Biles! May her critics and naysayers be silenced!

  • stantheswimman

    Look at the videos of marathon runners almost passing out, still are trying to finish the race on their knees. That’s what olympic spirit is all about. I wonder what MJ or Kobe would say about this withdrawal or performing under pressure.

  • Allyson

    The Nassar story broke during Rio. Simone was one of his victims and looks like someone in a trauma response. All the asshats ridiculing her, she won't hear you but other traumatized people will… and they'll know never to trust you.

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