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Hannity: The CDC's credibility is 'in the toilet'

Fox News host Sean Hannity rails against updated CDC mask mandates and the House Jan. 6 ‘political charade commission.’ #FoxNews #Hannity

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  • Louise Ryder

    So this their only response… so some one murders someone and that justify the insurrection.. get real!!! These were fighting for a real cause . Equality .. the insecurection was based on a lie ….. it not a lie that back lives have not mattered to the republicans

  • Chris Ra Y

    Because the people are becoming carriers that got the vaccine. Now just giving the virus back and forth instead of becoming immune and killing it.

  • JeanJj McElroy

    Donald trump was a long time liberal democrat before he all of a sudden became a republican president he gave vice president karmala harris campaign $6,000 when she ran in california for district attorney, I encourage you to fact check

  • bob Barrett

    So we got vaccinated so we didn’t have to wear a mask. Now, these knuckleheads say we need to go back to wearing them again? Why? I thought the vaccine works. I thought that Falsey said if the population got near 70% vaccinated that we reach herd immunity? If people ran their lives like the government runs a crisis, everyone would be dead or broke

  • 23640631

    @ The new form investigation of the set up Jan.6, 2021incident at the Capital Bldg will be a major cover up to draw attention to others, and not Nancy Pelosi and others. The officials were hand picked by Nancy Pelosi. There are no checks and balances in the 3 main branches of the federal government. Even the intelligence agencies are not doing anything against the lawlessness. The F.B.I. and even the Dept. of Justice is corrupted, and the Supreme Court Justices are divided. Will the US military be political also?

  • JeanJj McElroy

    7 out of 10 states that have a rise in crime are red states, vote blue for safety , I encourage you to fact check

  • Rick Chapman

    Hannity and Tucker are as Stupid as we all had originally guessed. Masking for those retreads that didn’t get inoculated is to help protect themselves and others. Since if you are ill with COVID, you are more likely to be coughing and sneezing than those not ill. Since those who are vaccinated don’t have to worry, for the most part, about getting sick from COVID masking isn’t necessary for them, but Hannity and Tucker…”The Stupid Twins” would rather wind you up and have you look stupid like them. They get paid to play their audience with their constant BS Trolling. Time for these two retreads to get the punt and forced to work.

  • JeanJj McElroy

    Where is that health care plan lying Donald Trump and his republicans promised the american people four 4 years that would replace obama care , if you are a love one needs health care and can't afford it vote blue

  • Ron Tyler

    It was a set-up, they knew there would be trouble at the Capitol. They are using that event to attack who else… Trump..who said ''peaceful and patriotic". Where's the investigation of BLM and Antifa and their crimes.

  • JeanJj McElroy

    To all your republicans complainng about term limits Nancy polosi and the democratic party created a bill for term limits but Mitchell Mcconnell from Kentucky and the republiCONS shout it down , your own party is against term limits, I encourage you to fact check

  • JeanJj McElroy

    The race baiting hosts at fox news called black people who peacefully protested by kneeling unpatriotic but called white radical republicans who stormed the capital and beat police officers with american flags patriots

  • DD P

    ARREST biden put him in handcuffs and take him to JAIL.
    hells' hillary, FBI, DOJ ARREST THEM!!!

  • Nothing

    What can we expect from an administration 50 years in the making. Biden strolled into Washington half a century ago as a young senator from Delaware with help from a mail order degree in Law he bought from the Acme Novelty Company. Somehow he maintained a job all these years. Like a forgotten janitor who simply didn't retire and kept showing up for work and no one had the heart to tell him GO HOME!

  • JeanJj McElroy

    A judge ruled that Tucker carlson can't be taken seriously and his shows are based on opinions on facts , I encourage you to fact check

  • JeanJj McElroy

    Sean Hannity and Donald Trump both got the vaccine and encourage their supporters to get the vaccine are they the enemy too are they liars , explain the logic

  • Debra Greer

    Oh my God Americans wake up they are lying to you!! They are trying to force everyone to get this vaccine, now you've got to ask why? why all of a sudden when people fought back against this expermental vaccine are they trying to force or push this drug into your body? And since this failed now all of a sudden, overnight Thousands upon thousands upon thousands of people are back in the hospitals die in of covid, this is to push the agenda to FORCE EVERYONE INTO GETTING THIS EXPERIMENTAL VACCINE FIGHT BACK AMERICA!!!! This is your body not theirs!!! PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR THIS THEY ARE LYING TO YOU …Wake up America, don't be part of the woke problem, be a part of the I'm awake up solution!!!!

  • Derek Tracy

    They say vaccine work but if they say vaccinated people have to wear mask. People will start believing that the vaccine are not working. People that are think of get it may not now. More vaccine hysteria. Good job CDC.

  • ohio player1177

    If they would be consistent and tell the truth we may not be so hesitant to get the shot. When they tell you different things on the daily it makes you not trust them.

  • Bryan Geyer

    January 6th was a set up to distract from senators objecting the electoral votes from swing states. The challenges would have forced an investigation and the states that the election committees changed voter rules without legislation would have not been counted. And I believe Ashley was shot because the window she was trying to enter was a room filled with chp changing out of their trump gear and back into uniforms

  • SV Intrepid

    Let's stop trying to control the China Virus. Reminds me of the smoking and non smoking sections on commercial aircraft. Yeah, that worked well🤣

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