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Shoplifting getting so bad even the New York Times can't provide cover for it


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  • IllogicalSlayer

    I would like to address the comment "The left does not see property damage as violent" and small business damages.
    This is not meant to be a critique of Louis Rossmann but my understanding of radical left wing thought as someone exploring it.
    It is long winded and I hope you can read this to the end and I am open to counterpoints or people asking for citations.

    The L.A. riots in 1992 were sparked by a elderly Korean woman killing a 13 year old girl she thought was shoplifting in her store, getting probation and a fine for it.

    Maybe the Korean business was targeted for this structural inequality of the justice system uniquely disregarding black people in this instance leading to an event where both communities were at each others throats? Old injustices have a habit of flaring up under new injustices.

    That act of essentially giving no punishment to a person when they killed black people which is also what is being protested now is a reason that people may have targeted the Korean restaurant. Seeing police, white people and Koreans (rooftop Koreans) kill black people and be celebrated for it with less accountability because of the lack of regard for black lives for decades may see the more radical elements in the movement burn everything to the ground because everyone is an occupying force.

    Or they may have just been swept along by irrationality of peacefully protesting then having cops shoot tear gas and rubber bullets at them for fun. 5.5% of protests munitions used were rubber bullets and 2.5% were gas canisters which line up with the number 7% the amount of BLM protests that were not peaceful. It is not conclusive but points to the police not BLM that were violent but BLM was using justified violence in self defense against the violent police.

    As I just said police violence and self defense are not "violence" in our society therefore although 7% of BLM protests were "violent" only the smallest fraction of that "violence" was not justified self defense.

    To bring it back to the irrationality maybe they could not get at the police and it spilled over to businesses, it is the police who should be blamed for brutalising civilians that have had enough. And yes it may be the case a very small subset just wanted to cause chaos and steal shit but they were the absolute minority if they exist. It is the difference between a group thrown together in reaction to events and a long running professional force to be held to a higher standard.

    To reiterate the point the state has a monopoly on violence which means that violent actions by the police are not violence in any case as told by citizens not in their line of fire. Defend yourself from violent attacks from the police? You are resisting arrest because you are violent and they are not.

    Viewed through this lens any action against the police which is the state is unlawful. I am sure many centrist or centre-right or right-wing people would agree that unjustified violence by the police is bullshit. There were people that rose above that unjustified violence to a saint like level and were protestors, they should not be disregarded just because of the justified self defense of members of that group or allies being seen as violence.

    I would say apart from a very small percentage of real looters and rioters the majority were practicing self defense against the ones that have oppressed them the state but that comes down to what we define as violence and what we define as justified violence.

    The left would never say that there was no violence just that there were no rioters only protestors. It is what we consider justifiable violence that separates us which comes down to our perspectives. There were liberals who disagree with the left that took up this narrative without the nuance it deserves applied or communicated effectively. Please engage with me if you do not understand or disagree with these points.

    The small businesses I would say consider the history they have in the community whether they served black patrons with respect, overcharged them because they were the only store for miles or hired them for poverty wages while being racist towards them. Not to say that disqualifies them from being taken care of if their business fails only that I personally do not care if their business got burnt down. Yes insurance is bullshit and small businesses get denied like people do but they have more of a chance of being paid out as people were paid out for vandalism.

    Even if small businesses treated their customers, employees and community with respect and got burned down by the minority of protestors that were just there to cause trouble/a legitimate target was burning and the fire spread to it? I think that is wrong and a sad state of collateral damage but the business owner has more financial recourse than insurance in that they can sell the land the building was on and live a comfortable life in their home. Or if the business was their home be financially secure enough to rent to search for jobs that they can work by selling the land.

    If they are completely screwed with business debt that was not separated from themselves by a company name and they were renting the space/did not own the land. I feel for them but high risk, high reward capitalism says bad luck you should fail. Just like the wage earner that got T-boned by another driver the business is now screwed. Welcome to the same rules everybody but the super rich play by.
    I think all businesses that could not support themselves due to covid should have failed instead of propping them up.

    The rest of that money from covid relief should go to businesses but directly to people who need it no questions asked like the business loans where you self reported your needs and they got met. The point is if a business failed because of vandalism or the pandemic I believe they should be taken care of and not left on the streets to die. But their business is not a right, it should fail but the people who depended upon it should be taken care of until they find gainful employment just like any wage earner should be.


    Nature of violence and the occupying force that sparked justifiable violence.

    Small businesses can be complicit in the occupying force and the financial recourse small businesses from selling land assets.

    People should be taken care of over businesses you do not deserve a business under capitalism if you fail you get a undervalued, underpaid job like everyone else and if you don't like it admit the reason why people like bail outs for businesses over people is to do everything you can not to be a worker again because owning your own business is almost the only way out of poverty at this point. Join me in advocating taking care of people.

  • Overonator

    Bah it's only virtue signaling if you don't agree with what they said publicly. Virtue signaling is a next to meaningless term. It's lazy attempt to discredit what someone says. Remember it's not virtue signaling if I agree with what was said.

  • Josh Boucher

    I think it was Seattle or Portland but they had a news segment about small business owners having their insurance policies being cancelled against their choosing due to "unacceptable loss history".

  • Adam Albrec

    The obvious problem of what you are talking about is used items will have to have a paper-trail. So I can't say find a collectible at a yard sale and Ebay it, unless the people selling it are willing to fill out a form, will they will probably not want to do, OR people will simply start faking such forms. This in turn leads to criminalization of used goods. NOT SMART. And guess what, ever action that winds up squeezing the little guy, leads to more defaced Korean BBQs next time.

  • August Rose

    Chauvin did nothing wrong. The Jury were tainted by mass media influence over public opinion by knee-jerk reactionary responses to emotionally inflated imagery. Juries are normal ass people that watch the news same as everyone else.
    That's what I think, since it was mentioned a few times in the video.
    Rittenhouse is lucky his jury was sane. Many, many juries are not.

  • Patrick McMurtray

    A couple of ideas.
    1) Make rules on Amazon and eBay etc so that basic consumer goods if they haven't been intrinsically changed by the seller cannot be sold by any company or person than the one who manufactures it. Ask the example no one can sell Colgate toothpaste on Amazon except cult gate orgillette razors except Gillette but Gillette that would cut down on the resale value of theft.
    2) A bit more theoretical but but part of the reason that looting and is that looting and shoplifting are such a viable option of procuring items right now has to do with the fact with the fact that monopolies and the destruction of unions has made most of us effectively the living poor. And the same retail companies that are facing the shop lift issue are the ones who refuse to pay livable wages wages and put enough staff in their buildings to properly and adequately cover. In other words minimizing your workforce and paying them minimum payet minimum pay has exacerbated a system in which the idea of theft seems less and less like a deterrent because there isn't a lot to lose given that most Americans have nothing and if the corporations went above and beyond to start paying great wages and have more than 2 employees in the store they might not have an issue of things being stolen

  • Foreign Policy

    Marc Jacobs better spend more of his time making better makeup. I see so much of it at the discount stores like TJ Maxx. A gifted compact I had didn’t even survive a plane ride in my carryon. Fuck him.

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