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Santa Fe district attorney responds to exclusive Alec Baldwin interview l GMA

Baldwin says he was following Halyna Hutchins’ directions during a rehearsal and never pulled the trigger as the FBI examines the gun and the ballistics to see if they back up Baldwin’s story.

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  • Cassandra Jackson

    There should never be live ammunition on a movie set, EVER! Find out who did it and charge them with murder. The person who’s job is to make sure the weapons are safe didn’t do their job and also should be charged with murder. Someone has to be held responsible for the precious life taken. Hopefully with such a tragedy as this, people will realize the magnitude of responsibility that comes with holding a gun in hand and firing it; even on a movie set.

  • Barb Sturgeon

    Baldwin may not remember exactly what happened as it is too traumatic for his brain. He did not do it intentionally. Any criminal charges should be against whomever put a live bullet in that gun, on the set.

  • 2Addicted2YT

    It's almost as if Hollywood actor thinks gun safety doesn't apply to them.

    Take the whole production out and three people at home doing a YouTube skit they would be charged immediately.

  • Craig Page

    This whole thing is bizarre and um how is the DA gonna say so definitively that this is an accident and they are probably still investigating?

  • mark smith

    " If I thought I was guilty I may have killed myself". Wow this guy is insufferable. Maybe next time don't just hop from left wing national agitator to cowboy film director

  • r e

    The way this story is going, it should make "Unsolved Mysteries" next month. This is why Alec Baldwin is negligent— Steven Spielberg said that the crash " (Twilight Zone 1982) made me grow up a little more" and left everyone who worked on the movie "sick to the center of our souls. "No movie is worth dying for. I think people are standing up much more now than ever before to producers and directors who ask too much. If something isn't safe, it's the right and responsibility of every actor or crew member to yell 'Cut!'". Rust movie crew was replaced and Baldwin ignored their pleas that the set was unsafe"……

  • Glen Parker

    These people called Kyle Rittenhouse all kinds of nasty things for shooting a man pointing a gun at him saying he was going to kill him he shot another who had hit him with a skateboard 🛹 repeatedly in the head he was call a white terrorist but Alec takes a loaded gun pointing it at a couple of unarmed people and dropped the hammer of the gun shooting them killing one and wounding the others it’s ok that he’s white it’s ok that he shot unarmed people because he said he hates Trump because Trump said a rich person can grab a woman by the crotch or shoots somebody and get away with it or not waring a mask when others are getting arrested and going to jail for doing it but he’s a liberal who hates Trump and he isn’t defending himself from an unarmed woman so it’s ok that he killed somebody he didn’t even get locked up Kyle had $2 million dollars bail where a liberal has been running around the countryside free doing tv interviews posting all over the internet hopping from state to state saying how innocent he is and just because he cock the gun pointed it the woman dropped the hammer shooting her it’s not his fault the gun should have stoped the hammer and not fired the real billets he had in the gun that were not super to be on any movie sets but were there because they were out shooting beer cans with the guns earlier. Trump was wrong he should have said if you’re a liberal or democrat you can get away with anything you are above the laws as long as you’re a democrat you rape burn and steel all you want and not go to jail and the news networks will protect you even if you’re white

  • Bert Rich

    but letting go of the hammer is the same as pulling the trigger, isnt it? or he is he indicating that the bullet went off with almost no impact?

  • j9andphoenix

    I am not going to speculate or second guess and no one should. Fingerprints can be left on a bullet casing – has that been done?

  • Tony D

    He should be charged; involuntary manslaughter at the least. You hit someone with your car and kill them accidentally, they aren't going to let you off withour charges. This is worse than that, and he needs to be charged just like any of us "averages" would be.

  • D K

    When he says that he kept saying to her “can you see that, can you see that, can you say that?” I just see him being so arrogant and annoyed being told several times that it wasn’t right that his smartass said “well, can you see it now” and pulled the trigger. Never thinking there’d be a live bullet, but pulling the trigger.

  • KJH Hader

    Fuck all you at ABC.. you women especially should be ashamed that Snuffalopogus even did the interview.. lie, lie, lie,.. you have no shame.. If this was anyone else other than a fucking hollywood actor, you would be calling it murder.. you no it too.. you did it to Kyle Rittenhouse.. you are all so righteous and your money gets you favors.. the moral of the story, if your rich enough, you can kill with a gun.. but, if your poor enough, they don't want you to even own a gun.

  • James Funderburk


  • Jammy Gitt

    The victims husband worked for the law firm that represented the Clintons. Halyna Hutchins Tweeted Oct.18 2021 (1,35pm) she had "information that will lead to Hillary's arrest and her next project was a documentary on Hollywood peadough rings. The asst. dir also had an acting role in the movie cast as "the Undertaker". He handed the gun to Baldwin and was also AD on The Crow: Salvation were Brandon Lee was also killed by a prop gun. 9/22/17 (11.01pm) Baldwin Tweeted "I wonder how it must feel to wrongfully kill someone" and the movie Rust was about a boy who accidentally kills someone. Any questions? 🙂

  • CK H

    No Alec, you NEVER point a gun at ANYONE you don't intend to shoot. You can't fantasize or make up your own rules in life. That one is too basic. Do you have any idea why that IS the rule?

  • Serena

    It is a tragedy. I feel bad for him. But how can he say he feels no guilt? Wow. I feel like he should have checked that gun himself and he is a producer no matter what kind of producer he is. He should feel guilt and he wants to throw some peons under the bus entirely. Why not he is Alec Baldwin. Where is the integrity?

  • Cherie Leonard

    This makes me feel better….It would be a travesty of Justice that if that gun was not defective and he
    were to get away with it.

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