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Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

The suspect opened fire on a California highway, striking and killing the young boy.


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26 thoughts on “Search intensifies for road rage suspect who killed 6-year-old boy”
  1. The story isn't adding up. Other reports say she was cut off and she got around to pass them again and at some point gave them the finger. This is a very disturbing situation. I'm guessing the driver of the other car is the shooter.They could be in Mexico by now, cameras are everywhere not sure how they are still on the streets.

  2. Dear God! How Tragic! Hearts out to that family. This cannnot for one second be acceptable behavior in our society. I pray they are caught and there's a strong DA who will get them the justice they deserve.

  3. If you think someone cut you off or did something on the road that upsets you just ignore it, move on & have a good day. Hurting someone over something so stupid isn't worth taking a child or adults life.

  4. And ya'll Americans still preaching about your precious gun ownerships. What more will it take before you learn? This is so fucking heartbreaking

  5. What did she do? She acts like this guy just rolled up and shot through her car for no reason. Did she brake check him? She instigated this somehow.

  6. I will pray for this family and I will pray to God that he helps him catch the perpetrator of this crime this country seems to get worse by the day the selfishness of people greed corruption has become an everyday normal for many people I think it's time to take them out incarcerate them we need much harsher punishment for criminals and I think when people see other people committing these crimes and almost getting away with it are punished very little it encourages them to do the same I believe it's time to start punishing the criminals and not the victims

  7. should have bought a Chevy Tahoe instead of the Sonic, the sonic are made out of plastics, while the tahoe is made out of steal.

  8. Flippin somebody off is road rage. She probably started the entire thing. Notice how every video about this leaves out the fact that she gave the middle finger. Media trying to create false narrative

  9. I feel for the child and the mother. however keep your middle fingers to yourself. it's not worth it. Of course she did not tell what she did to caused this to happen when the shooter cut her off in traffic. COVID is somewhat over and crazy people who have been locked up over a year are taking to the streets. Some people are crazy and don't care about their lives and don't mind taking your's your your children, and think about how many people took their lives during COVID. I used to be a loose cannon in my long ago past, and would respond to people who offended me, but now I don't. I just take it. I don't care if I get cut off in traffice or anything that offends me. My whole goal is for me and my daughter to make it home safe and in one piece when we go out. PEOPLE LET IT GO. BE CAREFUL. THERE ARE PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO WANT TO END THEIR LIVES DON'T LET THEM END YOURS.

  10. They WILL catch the sons of a bitches & when they do I hope they fry immediately… or better yet, receive a death squad execution.

  11. R.i.p all those children who die violent deaths wheather in America or in Somalia or Chad or Palestine or Israel.. south Sudan or Ethiopia you 😭
    Rest in heavenly peace angels

  12. She's lying she clearly was engaged in road rage she also flipped off other driver… Her own Actions caused this.

  13. Side note; never he aggressive in public Karen people are crazy so sorry but I bet you won't be aggressive with your kids in the car anymore. Kids first come on momma get with it.

  14. This is tragic but how do you get cutoff and then get shot from the back? What did the mom do to get shot at?

  15. There are so many psychos driving in LA. I never did anything to “get back” at them!

  16. I'm surprised California still has the 911 system after defunding the police and courts

  17. Come on nab/ catch that son of a gun already, no one and I mean no one can understand what his mother going through right now. The child killer should get locked 🔒 up.

  18. Sad this kid got shot but I’d love to see the footage off what led up to this. People don’t just escalate to shooting out of the blue.

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