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Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

Former secretary of state questions why Dr. Fauci has given the Chinese Communist Party the ‘benefit of the doubt’ on ‘Hannity’.
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22 thoughts on “Pompeo: Enormous evidence COVID escaped from a lab”
  1. When's the arrests coming ?😎 This op can last year's do it quick like me😋 sorry but I'm mad angry just get them thanks xx

  2. china released the virus and the democrat media tried to hide that, they condemed the whole world to a disease needlessly. can the whole world prosecute the American democrat media for that? they ran interference for the chinese so can the world get compensation from them now? this needs to happen there can be no healing until the american democratic media pays for it's part in this and the democrat supporting social media too they need to be made to shell out as well, they added to this mess?

  3. Problem is we funded the research the us and china r liable if this goes to court not just china we r involved

  4. What I want to know is who is responsible for this gain of function research??? It is research on how to make a virus more deadly??? Who in their minds would ever think that this is ok??? It was stopped for 5 yrs and then restarted in 2018??? What in the smackdown for??

  5. The UK Gov under PM May tried to have this medical centre closed down, because of concerns, years ago..


  7. @2:37 You just mentioned the hounds of Hell, those companies are the most evil in history… You think they know what they are doing? Yeah, like Lex Luther and Darth Maul knew.

  8. No, it didn't escape, it wasn't a leak, it wasn't an accident. It was RELEASED to bring about order and control of the population. If you get the vaccine and the passport, you are walking to your very own slaughter.

  9. The creeps who claimed that covid-19 was a little cold and a hoax are now coming up with real evidence (what they already knew in 2019) that this is a dangerous virus and where it comes from. These creeps should all be prosecuted for crimes against humanity.

  10. LOL!! Pathetic Hannity & Pompeo, complaining about all this $hit the POTUS is involved in while according to Hannity he's old, feeble, cognitively impaired, asleep in the basement, and Hunter was busy being a crack addict. FUx News desperately seeking….ANYTHING to pin on Biden. It's not working, it wont work, and I'm waiting for both Hannity and Pompeo to receive subpoenas to testify under oath as well as what happens after that, as a result of both of them lying their asses off…in my constitutionally protected opinion.

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