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Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

An adolescent boy appeared in court after being charged with attempted first-degree murder and armed burglary following an hours-long standoff with a 14-year-old girl against central Florida deputies.

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18 thoughts on “12-year-old makes court appearance after shootout with Florida police l GMA”
  1. Kids were quoted saying they “want to go out like GTA” but media will only talk about gun control not the influence of movies, music (violent rap), and video games (such as GTA). Why is that?

  2. People are using this story to talk about gun control (not in this video but others)… well, these kids were quoted saying they wanted to “go out like GTA” during shootout AND YET NO LEFTIES IN THE MEDIA WANT TO MENTION MUSIC, MOVIES/TV, SOCIAL MEDIA, OR VIDEO GAMES!

    You know, cops use video game style simulations to train for active shooters. And people still think it doesn’t matter or change anything. “They’re just games”. I genuinely wonder how low the murder rate would go and how quickly if just one thing like rap music or violent video games were completely taken away from society. Teens are effected by these influences tremendously and as we can see in this video, teens and even pre-teens CAN shoot guns!

    Maybe the reason is (besides the fact liberals will politicize anything to get what they want and they don’t want video game control they want gun control or at least they say they do to get votes) that addressing the root issues would mean they have to confront celebrities that are on their side who make violent movies/music/video games, point the finger at black culture rap music (can’t hold black community accountable they’re only victims of white culture), and would have to stop pointing the finger at gun ownership as the culprit.

  3. When I was in high school I went to a program for troubled teens. I was actually one of the more mild ones (if I was sober). I think what I learned from all of it was that there’s a certain % of teens out there who are so anti-social (ASPD) that there’s no stopping them until they’re stopped by law enforcement. After that, it’ll be their choice if they turn it around after going to JDC or prison. Some will snap out of it through that experience and some will get worse.

    I think given that no one was injured except 1/2 of the shooters, this isn’t that bad of an outcome (especially because they didn’t die). These 2 likely would have caused much trouble for years until stopped by the law. I’ve seen it numerous times. Some kids are just possessed.

  4. What are they talking about “Troubled Past”. Many people have been in foster care before and they don’t decide to start shootouts💀

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  6. Funny how the system broken when white and shot at cops but brought in alive smh! I know a black kid playing with a Bebe gun in a park got gunned down same age or younger

  7. This was all caused due to irresponsible firearm security by the homeowner. His weapons were not locked down and secured properly. Shame on him.

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  9. To all those blaming the foster system, my parents died, I was a ward of the state. I never fired a gun towards a police officer. Don't go stereotyping a group based on the action of a few……. a privileged few…… who tend to commit most acts of violence….. and whom the media actively cover up for….

  10. Shoot them on site the next in line will think twice. No court spending, no juvenile detention cost etc etc

  11. The 12 year old doesn't deserve the charges brought against him because he is just a child with a horrible past if he has to be charged id say drop the attempted murder charge and charge him with breaking an entering and burglary but absolutely not an attempted murder charge besides with an horrible past that can cause numerous mental problems and cause him to act this way but people just don't care about mental/psychological problems anymore they are tunnel vision mostly nowadays they see that he tried to shoot cops but just don't care about the whole story and what this is a result of they don't care about the emotional and mental problems that the children had to endure
    which ultimately led to this.

  12. This is pure BS, his picture needs to be published. There should be no protection for him. WAKE UP AMERICA.

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